Monday, November 26, 2007

One more day

I think one of my favorite words is "spigot." I used to think it was spelled "spicket."

I had Barnini yesterday. It is all it claims to be.

I am excited to program this chess game. I'm not excited to temporarily go MIA while I do it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tupac Shakur, Rap Hero, and Blog comments

First off, if you expect the three items in the topic to be related. You will be sorely disappointed. First, Tupac Shakur... I am not sure how I got on to browsing for Tupac... oh wait, yeah I was on facebook, and then I saw that Josh Merris joined a group called "If you were to marry a rapper, which would it be." I thought this was interesting because... first of all, I don't know any female rappers, and I don't think Josh is gay. So as I was pondering this and browsing the wall posts I saw a discussion thread with the title "Tupac is alive!" Who wouldn't click on that? So I followed it, and then followed a link that gave the top 20 reasons why Tupac is still alive.

I'll have to admit, they have several more compelling reasons to hold out hope that Tupac is alive than the Elvis conspiracy theorists. For example, Tupac was producing things under the name Makaveli who was known (the real Machiavelli) to stage his own death as a military strategy. On one of Tupac's final albums (before his death... that needs to be specified as I will show later) has a line on his album art that says "Exit: 2Pac Enter: Makavelli." Interesting indeed.

I find the most compelling evidence not to be listed on the top 20. I would probably put it at number 1 if I had to make a list. I looked up Tupac Shakur on Yahoo Music so I could listen to the person Wikipedia calls "one of the most popular artists in the music industry." What I found interesting is the fact that out of his top 200 downloaded songs, not a single one was released prior to his alleged death. How many dead people do you know that are still producing? I rest my case.

Then I got to thinking that perhaps the next thing after guitar hero could be... Rap Hero. They already have a karaoke game that measures your pitch and rhythm, I am sure they could make a game that measures your rhythm. It may be tough to have it recognize all the words you were saying. I don't even think voice recognition software is advanced enough to identify individual words in a rap, but maybe it could at least identify swears and give you extra points for them. At least James, or "Archie" as he is apparently called in the holy land, would do better with that feature. Just a thought...

Finally, I am kinda disappointed at for not having any provision to notify you when people comment on your blog posts. I guess facebook has spoiled me. James, you were lucky I saw your posts. I kept going back to previous posts to see how many you had posted on. Then when I found one you hadn't posted on, I assumed there were no more? Hopefully that was right. Maybe everyone that posts on previous posts, should also post on the most recent post and say "See entry _____ for my latest comment." Maybe not.

Oh, James. I don't know if I told you, but I saw pictures of you rapping in the JC (is that what you call it? Tell me you coined that), and I started thinking of possible titles if you released an album from Jerusalem. Let me think: "Blingin' in the Holy Land" or "Jews and Palestinians: Conflict over, Archie Style." What do you think? And then if things take off, you could train some locals to rap and start some kinda hip hop battle on a West Bank - East Bank type of thing. You know, like our East Coast - West Coast battles (which actually was heavily fueled by Tupac's suspicion of other rappers including Biggie setting him up when he got shot and robbed in 1994 if you didn't know). Anyway, you might have to... make an East Bank, but that shouldn't be too hard. Rappers do whatever they want to anyway, especially when it comes to the words, terms, and the English language. Let me know what you think. If you want I can start thinking of record label names?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Recent events

So I think I've met someone that is my type. I wouldn't exactly say that I know too much about her, but she wants to be involved in humanitarian aid, shops at thrift stores, has a "liberal bob" (in my uncle's words), is talented, is athletic, is smart, is spiritual, and is fun to be around. Anyway, it's kinda exciting. :-)

Also exciting, but... not as exciting (so I don't get in trouble), is the fact that I just beat Metallica's "One" on hard. Now it is Iron Maiden and Slayer's poor excuse for a song "Raining Blood."

In other news, I really like this blogging thing. I've subscribed to Barney's, Cindy's, and Badger's RSS feeds and I am able to check for new updates everyday. Pretty cool. I actually think it is a great way to connect with people. I think I am going to email my family with the link to my blog. This will also be the last blog that gets imported to facebook. I think I'd rather people search out my blog.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The New Me

So I got my hair cut yesterday. Apt 11 cut a mohawk in and then decided they liked it. I decided to try it out. What do you think? I'm not sure how long I will keep it.

I think I find a lot of satisfaction in breaking people's stereotypes of me. Perhaps that is why I like to listen to Hip Hop. Anyway, I kinda like the look. I was interested in seeing if people treated me differently. Maybe I can write a book called "Punk Like Me."

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pi Party

I think next year I will have a Pi Party on March 14. But here's the thing, all we'd do at the party is talk about pi, compute trigononmetric functions, and find the circumference of circles. If anyone would even mention pie, I would reprimand them and ask them to leave. That way we could weed out all these posers who pretend to be pi fanatics but really aren't.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Last night I dreamt that I had to keep pressing Guitar Hero notes in a certain succession to stay asleep or else I would "lose" and wake up. Three nights ago I was doing three point linkage genetic crosses to study the effects of recombination amongst chromosomes. Ugh... Sleeping is sometimes very exhausting.