Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beach with my best friend

Alexia and I went to the beach last Saturday, and it was great. I really enjoy car rides with her, cause it forces us to slow down, talk, and just spend time together, when the rest of the time it is so easy to get caught up in everything we are busy with. But man, wouldn't it be sweet when we can have our cars drive us places and we can just relax in the meantime?

Anyway, we brought Cinder. It was her first time to the beach, and it was a lot of fun watching her and Alexia play. She has had a little aversion to water since her first experience with us and water was when we had just gotten her, she was 4 months old, we took her to the park, she ran right out on the ice, and fell in. Alexia jumped in the freezing creek to rescue her. Speaking of which, I'm always impressed with how good she is with animals, of the human baby kind, or the pet kind. She does a lot of the work with Cinder, and also looks out for the chickens by making them delicious meals that consist of a bunch of scraps we have left over.

So, Cinder's a little leery of water. But she has been getting better. She would walk out into the water a bit, but was scared when the waves would crash into their foamy whiteness. In fact, her most common response to this (other than running back towards land) was to bite the wave. It was adorable. Oh, and the best friend in the title is Alexia. Cinder's just my second best.

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