Monday, July 11, 2011


....and I got a Parrot AR Drone for our anniversary. It is pretty much awesome. Except for the fact that it is a little out of commission while I wait for repair parts:-).


Jonathan said...

Duuuude, those things look so cool! How long did it fly before it, uh, needed repairs?

Gabe said...

Haha, well, 3 -4 days maybe? But they are built pretty repairable. 4 Spare props are $10, same with spare gears and prop bars. So that is nice. Unfortunately the camera isn't too great, and it is a little choppy. But I guess what do you expect from I router that flies?

At first I didn't know who you were, since there is another Jonathan that has a blog that I have read, but it is good to talk to you (or comment back and forth with you) again. I've thought of you here and there and wondered what you'd been up to. I'd ask what you'd been up to now, but I'll just drop you a facebook msg.