Monday, July 11, 2011


I'd say two posts in one day, but technically my last post was started yesterday. Alexia and I currently have 17 chicks living in our basement bathroom. There are 5 Cuckoo Maran pullets that lay a dark brown egg, 4 Ameraucana pullets that lay blue/green eggs, and 8 Rhode Island Red (we think) roosters that were included in the box to keep the girls warm during the shipping process.

I spent my three week school break working non-stop building a chicken coop. I'll put up some pictures when it is finished. But the end goal is a 5x8 coop to keep 4 hens in for egg laying. The funny thing is we don't eat many eggs, but I guess we will learn to. You can blame this all on my wife to, she's from Portland:-). No, it has been fun. I originally wrote "really" before "fun" but took it away because it has been hard work too. But fun hard work.


Ant Quinn said...

I'm jealous! Sharon and I love eggs and want to have chickens at some point too, so we don't have buy them and they can be more fresh/natural. Have you done any analysis on what it cost? I'd be interested to know. How does your landlord and neighbors feel about them?

Gabe said...

Well... we built a nice coup and that ended up costing about 800+... but you can get by with a pretty shady coup. We just wanted to do it right and have it be looooow maintenance, so that includes and automatic door opener, solar panel, non toxic sealer, etc. I am going to be writing a post up on that soon.
As for the chicks, they cost 2.50 a piece. So they are cheap. Then the feed, it costs a little less than you would pay for eggs.

So, it is best summed up in a quite I saw on backyard in a forum: "It's just the first egg that costs you $700, the rest are free after that." It isn't that cost effective in the sense that you aren't saving much (even if you got a free coup), because eggs just don't cost much. But it does feel good to be self reliant, the eggs are better for you, and tastier. And it saves you a trip to the store.

Landlord's cool with it. Haven't even asked the neighbors. But they had their contractor tear up our yard to access their's for a retaining wall, so I don't think they have room to complain:-).

Gabe said...

Oh, and I could see you guys getting chickens. I told Alexia that I felt like it was a very Quinnish thing to do. Probably because of your post about cheese making and organic pork.