Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday's thoughts

- Being in a program where you where the same clothes everyday (blue scrubs) makes it dangerously easy to not change for 30 hours. Don't worry, showering is next on the agenda.

- I think someone called me "Doc" for the first time today. A man outside the school seemed to have said to me, "Take care Doc." Cool.

- Taking tests and working with your hands are two very different skills. Today I felt woefully average while carving my ivorine block. It was humbling, but I ended up doing fine.

- If your drain is not working well and has not been working for months, there may be two knives stuck in the trap. Those don't go down well.

- I have an amazing best friend with whom I am very much in love.

- Correct grammar is wack.


Barney Lund said...

I love correct grammar.

wack - adjective
bad; inferior

Apparently you don't. :)

I See Badgers said...

I have an equally compelling reason to wear the same clothes for nearly 30 hours...Noah doesn't care what outfit I wear :)

經林 said...

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