Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I just saw this flier (which I just read is the more correct spelling when choosing between flyer and flier) in those junk bundles that you get each week. It was talking about the first change to "Our beloved Lincoln cent" in 50 years or something.

Beloved? Really? I doubt that. In fact, I don't like pennies. I don't like them because they epitomize what is wrong with coinage, which is that they carry a really bad value-to-weight ratio. So, I don't know about anyone else, but I am calling their bluff. And while I'm on it, I am also not sold on their business model of taking 8 new pennies, shoving them in a cardboard sleeve, and then charging $2.97 for it.

In the grand scheme of schemes, that one's not even diabolical. There is no subterfuge there, which incidentally is probably why it is legal. Maybe I should head outside with a sign that says "Give me $297 dollars and I will give you 8 beloved one dollar bills back. And here's some bonus cardboard to put them in so you never use them."

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