Thursday, October 15, 2009

I just lived a mentos commercial

Scaife is one of the medical buildings here at Pitt. They have these escalators that go down 3 flights to the library. There are also elevators, but students accessing the library are supposed to use the escalators and leave the elevators for those accessing the 7 or so floors above. Anyway, the last escalator going down has been broken and blocked for a week. And you can't see it from the floor you come in on, so you usually end up hoping it is fixed (how complex can it be?) and going down 2 flights of escalators, only to find that you can't get down to the library. Then, because the stairway system doesn't have any access to the library (there is a sign telling you to use the escalators), you end up looking like an idiot waiting to use the elevator for one floor.

So today I took the gamble as always. I came in, took two flights of escalators and BAM!, dead end. I went around to the escalator going up from the library to my floor, only to see a couple people on it. So I had to turn around and act like I had just "remembered something" and that I wasn't really going to try to run down the up escalators they were using properly. By the way, I really hate turning around and doing a 180 in front of people, cause I worry what they are thinking of me. Like, are they thinking "That guy is so indecisive, why was he just heading down the block that way, and then he turned right around and went back where he came?" Or maybe they think I am forgetful. They probably don't think anything. I guess I'm not that important.

So I stand in front of the elevators with another guy in the same situation and wait for the elevator to come. I wait. I wait... I get impatient. I turn around to glance at the up escalator again. The other guys knows what's going through my head. I wait. I glance. I go, turn the corner, and doublestep down the up escalator to the other guy's fading chuckle.

Two things were missing. 1) A pack of mentos. 2) Direct eye contact with that guy once I made it all the way down, accompanied by a gender-preferentially ambiguous smile.

It was classic. Too bad I went in the library and headed for a study room, only to see him a few paces behind me. At least I got my exercise.

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I See Badgers said...

hey! I remember those commercials. It would have even been better if a construction worker was standing by the broken one, so that he could kinda watch and smile. good times.