Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Living the Dream

I wanted to clarify that the "Ahhhh" title of the last post was a relaxing one, not a screaming frenzy one.

Seriously though, I love life. I love that I am doing things in dental school that I will do in my career. It is really an odd experience. I love that I am in Pittsburgh. I love that I have some great friends already here. I love that I did well on my tests. Things are just going really well.

As a way of update, dental school is cool. It really has been very manageable. So far more manageable than undergrad. I think part of that is because we have a set schedule almost every day from 8 - 5 rather than one with all these holes in it. About 2/3 of our class time is devoted to basic sciences or dental classes. The other 1/3 is clinical rotations, sim lab work where we use typodonts (fake torsos) to practice skills, or waxing lab where we make wax teeth. The ironic thing is that they take our teeth, grade them, and then throw our little pieces of art out so we can't sell them next year's class.

Our Biochem test was super easy compared to any test in Chem 481 at BYU. Let's hope it stays that way. Histology was tricky, but overall still not bad. I think I did end up spending a good 20 hours studying for it though. But it was our one midterm (block class) so that's not too bad.

No one was running for vice president when we were voting as a class, so I threw my name in and ran unopposed. So did the positions of secretary and treasurer. I thought it was odd. I would have thought that more people would have run if only to increase their chances of getting accepted into a specialty program. But then again, I'm not so sure that too many of my classmates want to specialize. I think everyone is just trying to make it through these 4 years. But, I am excited about being VP. I hope that I can help our classes and the classes that will come after. We had a advisory counsel lunch yesterday so it was nice to meet other student leaders.

So we've got 25 credit hours of class. It doesn't feel like it adds up as BYU credits though. There is very little reading this semester, which is really nice. The work load seems manageable. Classmates seem helpful and nice.

The most frustrating thing so far has been this "conflict of interest" policy the whole university has. Basically, we can't accept any free gifts from corporations. So, $50k a year, and no free Sonicare :-(.


shan1420 said...

Man, you are living the dream. I have like a good 100-300 pages per week to read if you combine everything. Maybe I should have become a dentist.....

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that school is easier than you thought. I wish I could say the same for Barney...:)