Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I jokingly told two friends of different ethnicity that they were being racist. I'm not sure how, but I think that in some way makes me racist?

I've discovered the funniest comic strip. ever.

Dinosaur Comics

School is going great. It is nice because I don't really have reading to do since I don't have books for most of my classes. In fact, half of the classes don't have an assigned book. So powerpoints it is for me. Anyway, other than the fact that I spent the last week studying for my Biochem and Histology tests, school really is great. I took those tests yesterday and today and did really well. So, I'm not complaining. It seems like it has been less stressful than BYU, but we'll see if that keeps up. I'm sure there will be some intense weeks. But I am loving it.

Anyway, yeah. Life is great. Just living the dream!

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Tyler said...

You know, that's the best thing about grad school...we're training for a profession, not just trying to get a certain degree. I mean, we're still in orientation, but I haven't felt stressed at all, compared to my undergrad. We're gonna have some kind of job, regardless of where we graduate in our classes.