Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Story about the new place

I just moved to Pittsburgh, which I plan on talking about more in the next post. But for now this story will suffice. I just moved in with a couple LDS guys. One is a dental student, the other works at a bank, which apparently gets held up more often that one would expect. In fact, just yesterday another branch got held up or possibly taken over? Not sure. There is also an LDS guy named Brandon who is only here every few weeks for a couple nights since he lives in D.C. and is just finished a PhD program at CMU.

The house is not in a particularly bad part of town, but not in the nicest part of town either. Just a street with some rundown older houses. It is a block away from the dental school though, so that should be nice. I moved in Monday and here is the first story I was told about the place.

Aaron, the teller (of the bank, not the story), came home one evening. He walked into the kitchen and saw the kitchen in a mess. Food was out everywhere. He probably thought Sean was cooking up some odd concoction. Anyway, he turns around to leave the kitchen and sees a man who had just emerged from the first floor bedroom (mine now).

Aaron yells "Hey! What are you doing here?!"

The man says, "Look, alright, I'm leaving."

That response wasn't good enough for Aaron, who immediately starts running after him. The man heads for the door, gets out, and is chased to the end of the block by Aaron.

Apparently the guy didn't take anything. In fact, Aaron looked through his safe where he keeps books, not valuables, and found a $20 that he said wasn't there before.

How things seemed to have played out are thus. There is a "For Rent" sign on the front of our house (I think the landlord was trying to rent it out at a higher rate since Sean wasn't sure if he was going to stay here). The man, who must have been homeless, may have thought no one was living in the house. Since there are bars on the first floor windows in the side and on the back, the man must have climbed up the bars and sneaked in the bathroom window which was left open. Upon entering the house and leaving $20 for Aaron (?) the intruder must have been hungry. So he went downstairs and ate some food. Oddly enough, he seemed to be in no hurry. In fact, at the time he was chased out he was using the slow cooker to steam frozen broccoli.

Perhaps while waiting for the slow cooker, he decided he would take a nap. He took off his shoes (which were left in the house and stunk, supporting my hobo theory) and went to sleep on a mattress in what is now my room. Then he must have been awakened by Aaron coming home, just in time to be chased up the street barefoot.

Oh, and he may also have changed his underwear before his nap. Brandon, who was sleeping in that room when he was in town, called Sean a couple weeks later. He asked Sean about some briefs he found in his laundry that weren't his. He thought maybe they were Aaron's. At this point Sean tells Brandon about the intruder.

So, if you see a shoeless, homeless person with a hankering for slow-cooked broccoli who's wearing Brandon's underwear, please contact us.


cking said...

I'll keep a lookout for him, but my guess is he won't show up in Utah:)

Maria said...

This is my current favorite story! Thanks for sharing the awesomeness!

shan1420 said...

LOL....that's insane...