Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dental School Orientation

Sometimes I read people's blogs, and I have a hard time getting through the posts. I get bored easily with some posts that are too travelogueish. So, I don't mind if you skip my posts that seem like that. But for some reason I've been thinking a bit lately about blogging as an act of giving back to the online community. I've searched a lot in the last few months to find people's experiences with PRK or starting dental school, and I've really appreciated those who have blogged about their experiences. So, you may notice a few posts that aren't intrinsically interesting, but are rather me trying to be of use to others.

This week has been orientation for the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. The first couple days were the official orientation, while today and tomorrow are just lectures by different specialists in the school showing you what they do. The first two days were pretty boring actually. However, it was nice to get to meet other people in my class. There are 4 other LDS guys, all of them married. So I think I am one of the only, if not the only, single LDS guy here at Pitt Dental.

The first two days included a lot of common sense stuff, campus safety, school policy, etc. Most of the powerpoints dragged, except for the IT guys. I almost couldn't keep up with that one. They were very efficient. But today was really cool. We had professors and a resident lecture on orthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, pathology, and anesthesia. It was interesting that several of the specialists haven't touched a handpiece in decades. For example, the anesthesiologist, pathologist, and surgeon obviously don't treat cavities, even though they are dentists.

I've said in the past that I am not really planning on specializing. However, the lecture on oral and maxillofacial surgery was pretty amazing. After 4 years of dental school you either do a 4 year residency or a 6 year program that includes med school. But as an oral surgeon you can repair cleft palates, reconstructive trauma surgery, jaw surgery to correct facial geometry, and even cosmetic plastic surgery (not too much interest there). There were tons of slides showing surgeries with bone being excised, screws and plates putting broken pieces back together, and large areas of skin being pulled back to allow access to the skull. It would be a long road, but I think it would really cool. So, I'm not sure if I would really want to specialize, but today definitely piqued my interest. I'll keep my options open, and my grades up. If three years go by, I'm still single, I have the grades, and I feel like I can hack 5 or 7 more years of school, maybe I will look into oral surgery.

Other than the orientation, it has been pretty boring. I've been a loner out here. My two roommates are gone the rest of the weekm so I just hang out by myself, get online, or go biking and explore town. The class is having a party tomorrow night so I may drop by and see what non-BYU parties are like.

Anyway, life is pretty good. I just need to make some friends out here that aren't married* and want to hang out after school. I went to the Book of Mormon study group the sisters put on tonight. That was cool but there weren't many people there. I am going to call BINGO tomorrow for the rest home. Other than that, I don't have much planned.

* The Quinns and the Westovers are an exception to this statement. They are great. I've hung out with the Quinns a couple times and the Westovers had us all over for dinner for Cafe Rioesque Salads! Without reservation, Joseph and Lisa are some of the most amazing people I have ever met. They have been so welcoming to me. I love their family. Their little girls and one boy are adorable. I like going over there and playing with them. They will have to be my surrogate nieces and nephew while I am away from my four nephews in Utah. Anyway, I hope they take me up on my babysitting offer.

So, is this post as boring as I think it is? Be honest. It isn't really my style, but I dunno. Maybe people are into knowing what is going on in my life:).

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shan1420 said...

I like knowing about your life....I don't know about everyone else! lol. I understand about being a little worried about "life story" blog posts being boring to readers. I always worry about that myself, but I know if nothing else my parents and grandma appreciate them! lol. Sometimes I break them up - thats a strategy I use every now and then, I just feel like if it's like 5 one or two paragraphs post instead of one 10 paragrpahs people will be more likely to read it. But that's just a hypothesis, and obviously I still write 10 paragraph posts and, as you can see now, 10 page comments too! haha....i just talk way too much :D thanks for listening/reading. oh and PS I think being the only single LDS dental guy in pitt will be beneficial to your cause ;)