Tuesday, July 21, 2009

World Series of Competitive Emailing

Hopefully ESPN will pick up on this, cause this sport is going to be hot!

Anyway, the idea is simple. This is perhaps why Competitive Emailing has been heralded as "The sport of sports" and "The purest of all competitions, measuring little more than pure technological talent."

An email is sent to the two opposing competitors.
The first one to respond advances.

So, the emails will start sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, here is the bracket:

The Nerdiest of All

It is single elimination with a randomized seed. I've also included bios for all contenders. This will be crucial in creating your own prediction brackets.

The emails will be sent from my email address to yours. Unless I hear from you sometime today, I will be using your last known email. So, email me your competitive email addresses, carbo load, and get psyched!

Also, as seems to be the trend in this world with office pools, fantasy sports leagues, and market futures, there is an important sideshow in speculation. So, regardless of whether you are competing or not, you can sign up for an account with bracketmaker and create your own predicted results. The site seems alright, just a few ads. Make sure you make yours today before the tournament starts.


Ant Quinn said...

I'm psyched! You can be sure I'm eating my pasta pre-comp. dinner tonight.

I must be the nerdiest of all for the sake of The Institution.

Dianey Face said...

If you tell me what time you're emailing, I'll give you a dollar. ;)

Loved the bios on everyone. Looks like you have some down time at work?

Sarah said...

You are going down, Michael!!!

Go Dianey Face!!!

Keith said...

Sweet! I am pumped. I always wanted a job where I could sit in front of a computer all day just so I could participate in this kind of dramatic struggle.