Saturday, June 13, 2009

My War Against Booters and Towers

Let me start off and say I have nothing against the SWKT, Sears tower, or WTC. I'm talking about towing, like University Towing. Blech.

I look upon the business of towing, at least how it is run in Provo, as though the concept of a parasite was embodied in professional form. I think what bothers me most is that they are paid on commission.

I've actually only got booted once but I still have a strong disdain of a profession that preys upon college students, especially when they are being booted in a parking lot like Alta's which I have never seen wanting for space.

Every time I see someone being booted or towed, I wish that I could recognize the car and alert the owners. Oddly enough, this is driven just as much by a desire to foil the booters as it is to look out for my fellow student.

So after thinking long and hard I've decided that there are only two main courses of action that I can take to fight back. First, I avoid at all costs any situations that may result in me being booted and therefore supporting the nefarious profession. Second, I've been backing my car into parking spaces at Alta for the last couple weeks.

If you've ever seen University Towing and their self-righteous Jeep trolling your parking lot, you'll notice that they have a spotlight that they shine at the back window of cars as slowly drive by. They are looking for your parking sticker. Now, they may dictate where we affix this sticker, but they cannot dictate the orientation of our parking. So I back in. Not only does this allow me a nice pullout in the morning, but it also prevents or makes it more difficult for them to be able to see my sticker since it is backed up against the building or against the concrete wall. I think to truly be able to see my sticker, they would have to get out of the car and walk to the back.

So, that is it. That is how I do my part to make their job just a little harder. I should probably end this post, because all the while writing it I have thought of more drastic moves to drain their resources such as, leaving my car in another lot where it would get towed and then hiding out in the bushes until they call the tow truck and are about to hook up your car. Then I could hop out and drive off since it is illegal for them to charge you anything if they have not physically connected something to your car by the time you arrive. Or I could get one of those car covers and put it on each night insisting that it was to protect my car. K, stopping.

Anyway, you should join the rebellion.


Michael said...

I love this post! I share your disdain for the sadistic, parasitic BYU parking patrol. You're right, reciprocation is our only option.

shan1420 said...

Genius!!! Good work gabe!

Sharon said...

Yeah. We're just glad we're out of Provo. The Towers and Booters of that city have so much of our money, they probably had a caviar party with it. This can be our theme song for the rebellion.