Monday, March 16, 2009

The Media

I've long heard that the media is biased. I'm not talking about a liberal/conservative bias here, but a bias towards just reporting the negative. I never put much thought to this until I stumbled upon irrefutable proof that this is indeed the case.

With the current economy, we see lots of pictures of depressed stock traders from the NYSE that we worry about jumping out of a window the minute after the picture was taken. But do we ever see happy stock traders when the market rallies? No. I've never seen a picture of Joe Schmoe on the stock market with a big grin on his face about to click his heels cause the market just rallied 300 points.

Well, in an effort to stem the tide of negativity, I have tried to undo the wrong Time has done (they actually have a gallery of depressed traders). Here is a picture of some guy that just made a lot of money during last week's rally.

See that smirk? He just made out like a bandit. (This picture is really just a depressed trader with his frown turned upside down like the song says, but assuming this guy didn't jump out any windows after the original picture was taken, and that the DJIA is roughly representative of his portfolio, he was probably smiling during last week's rally).

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