Thursday, March 5, 2009

Boss Shirt, Boss!

So I have this obsession, this informational addiction. I think a lot of us have it actually. Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night, reach over and unlock my phone just to see if I have any emails. I don't like it. But many times one of the first things I do in a day is catch up on Google Reader. This addiction, which I think many of you probably have as well (perhaps even leading you to reading this very post), has lead me to eliminate some unnecessary clutter from my informational intake (Twitter, Lifehacker feed, Woot feed, etc.) Anyway, that is the topic of another post, but needless to say one of the first things I did this morning at breakfast was check my RSS Feeds, and then since I unsubscribed to Woot and Shirt.Woot, I checked

As many of you know that is where I have gotten about a third of my t-shirts. You know, the squid in the bucket, the birds threatening to peck each other's face off, the dragon disguised as a restaurant called The Stuffed Dragon with people walking in through his mouth covered by a brick facade. So, anyway, in today's description they mentioned a secret passphrase. So I clicked on the link and discovered that there is indeed a secret passphrase which one woot shirt wearer is to say to another woot shirt wearer during chance encounters. The first woot shirt wearer says to the second, "Boss Shirt, Boss!" to which the second replies, "I know."

I thought that was pretty neat. So I started off to school wearing my Squid in Bucket woot shirt and the whole way was thinking about it. I thought about how once I did actually see someone with a shirt that I also had from woot shirt. If only I had known then! Oh well. I figured I would never get to use the phrase. Despite that sad realization, I did practice it a couple times to get the enunciation and phrasing right just in case I ever did get to use it. It is actually a little difficult to emphasize when "boss" is used as an adjective and when as a title. Anyway, I went to school just hoping someday I would have the chance to use that phrase.

One hour later, coming out of my Biochem class, I see him. He is wearing the woot shirt with the birds that are gonna peck each other's face off. Coincidentally that was the shirt I wore yesterday. So I went for it. I mustered up my courage, tapped the guy on the arm amidst the cloud of people rushing to get to their next class and said, "Boss shirt, Boss!" He said "Thanks..." and looked at me a little confused. So I explained everything to him.

Moral of the story? Be careful what you wish for because if it involves saying an obscure passphrase to a stranger just because you bought your shirts from the same internet vendor, you might just get a "Thanks..." and a strange look.


Keith said...

It's 4:30, and I can't sleep, so I got up to check my information sources, and here was this post. Thank you for feeding my addiction. I need; I need.

Dianey Face said...

I've been checking a lot lately. I just have to be in the club!

ZaBaat said...

Saw a guy wearing the exercise shirt at star trek tonight directly in the row behind me, I wasn't going to say anything, but then I knew I had to. I cleared my throat and turned, caught his eye "Boss shirt Boss" and he said "I Know!" I was so excited!!