Friday, January 23, 2009

A phylogenetic analysis of the wheelbarrow and shopping cart

Last week we had our ward break-the-ice activity.
We had unconventional tools.
I decided the wheelbarrow and the shopping cart weren't too different after all. Probably like distant cousins or something.

But I don't think the new kind of shopping cart arose from natural selection for its ice-carrying ability.
Here is a picture of two ice babies. Or should I just say Ice-Ice-Baby.
I also wondered the following question. Why is stealing wrong, except when it is digital media or shopping carts?

P.S. I was not the thief that stole those carts. I do not know the thief, nor do I condone in any way the theft of shopping carts. I think it is a very narcissistic idea to suppose that as a college student one is that important of a customer to in any way justify the theft of a shopping cart.

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Sarah said...

Haha. Only you would look at a wheelbarrow and shopping cart and relate it to evolution.