Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Beginning of the End

I'm publicly declaring my love for chemistry and biology. I love how ordered and logical they are, yet applied and not abstract like math. I think it is perfect balance. They feel so consistent, and when they are inconsistent, at least it feels consistently inconsistent.

I'm taking Biochem this semester and am actually excited about it. In fact, I am excited by most of my classes. Disregard the fact that I have stayed completely awake in only one of the four I have attended so far. I'm taking Bioinformatics (the class) which I am not so excited about. But everything else should be great. I have Stats 221 online which won't be bad since Stats 331 last semester probably prepared me a fair amount. I also have Doctrine and Covenants with Brother Esplin, about whom I've heard good things. Then I have Anthropology films which consists of a movie a week which sounds cool. I've also got the Honors' Lecture Series which usually is interesting. And tonight I am trying out for Folk Dance.

So that's it, my last semester has begun.

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Karianne Salisbury said...

Yay! Good luck on your tryouts...let me know how it goes! :)