Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Weird Dream Post #2

I woke up around 3 this morning from a bizarre dream. I only remember pieces.

I remember being at some large convention center and there was an event going on. It was supposedly some concert by a semi-popular band, even though none of us at the center had heard of the band. Then somehow I remembered seeing the band members a few days earlier at a different event and remembered them going by different names. This brought me to the odd realization that they weren't a popular band, but were instead trying to scam people into thinking they were a popular band so that they would buy tickets. In fact these people weren't even a real band, they were just trying to deceive us. My fears were confirmed when I tried to go to the Facebook page corresponding to the name by which they went at their last event, and the page said something to the effect of "You've been scammed." So despite being fearful that they would retaliate, I spread the news. I don't think they were happy.

The next part of my dream found me in a field. Scattered throughout the field were blue herons. The blue herons held little pink hummingbirds in between their beaks. Every second or two the heron would shoot the hummingbird out of its mouth and it would get caught by an opposing heron who would shoot it back. I tried to walk through the field and avoid the flight paths, but a hummingbird ended running into me and falling to the earth. I forget if it got back up.

Finally, after I had traversed the field, I remember floating in a stream. The stream at one spot was more open like a lake, and then it narrowed again. At the narrowing point a fence served as the stream's left border and a large industrial plant as the stream's right border. I worried at first about floating through such a small stream with a decent current, but figured it would be okay. My fears quickly returned when, while floating past the industrial plant, I read the sign for a chute dumping liquid into the stream right in front of me. It read "Caution - Hot Butter." I clung to the fence to arrest my progress down the stream and the dream ended.

Explain that.


Sarah said...

Wow, that's pretty bizarre. You want to know the strangest part? I had the exact same dream last night! Kidding. But I did have a few weird dreams last night. I'll share them with you before I forget.

The first dream found me in the kitchen trying to make spaghetti . The noodles were not cooking very fast. I decided they would cook faster if I took them out of the pot and put them directly on the burner, which I did. They cooked, but ended up being this congealed blob sitting on the burner looking suspiciously like fufu, and it seemed that it might be a little germy because who knows what food remnants were still on the burner, so I was hesitant to eat it. But I tried a bite anyway and decided it would be unsatisfactory to serve to my guests, because at that point in the dream I was made aware that I had guests to feed. So, instead, I cooked more noodles on the stove, but instead of cooking them in a pot, I cooked them in a plastic bowl. This would save the precious time I had lost because I would not have to transfer them from a pot into a bowl in order to serve them. Looking back, it was interesting the bowl did not melt. Perhaps more interesting was the fact that my old dog (the dead one) was alive and quite well, moving about the kitchen. Apparently the appetizing aroma of the noodles was too much for his olfactory to bear, and so the great big fat golden retriever jumped up onto the stove. The thing that puzzled me is that instead of eating the noodles, he merely sat on the bowl of noodles, still cooking on the stove, then looked at me and smiled. I thought, 'oh he must really like those noodles.' I thought it was unique, so I took a picture. I wondered if I should scoop off the top layer of noodles and still serve them to the guests, or if dog bum hair had permeated too far into the bowl. That was the end of dream number one.

Well, I should get to work so I'll do dream number two later, but to jog my memory and entice you to come back and read it, it involves a little yellow bird (presumably me), an invisible moose, a bear, and a Christmas tree.

I See Badgers said...

the hot butter is your future. The fence is BYU. The lake is society. Your herons(perspective Grad schools) were shooting their "opinions" at you on the field of recruitment.

I like to sometimes go under the water and pretend that nothing is moving at all or fly into space. that's how I usually handle stressful dreams. good luck in the future and don't try that real dream exploring thing. that's like voodoo-- its bad for you.

:) seeya around

Sarah said...

To be more specific on Badger's interpretation.

The fence is BYU. The industrial plant is the 'other university.' You are now floating in between thinking about the present at BYU and the future at 'other university.'

The hot butter represents the girls at the other university. They are hot--that allusion wasn't particularly subtle. They make an otherwise boring life of studying more flavorful for you, but they are UNHEALTHY for you and have no nutritional value for your soul. They will clog your arteries and leave you with heartburn.

The portion of the fence you held is your Provo girl. Cling to your Provo girl, and you won't get burned.

My favorite break activity is looking at your blog.