Tuesday, December 2, 2008

(Utah county != the hood) && (you != gangster) = true

In a few years when we look back upon the lessons learned in the first decade of the 21st century, perhaps the most important one that will stand out is this: Contrary to the widely held belief at the time, flashing fake gang signs in pictures isn't actually that cool.

What do you think the most important lessons from this first decade will be?


Bruce said...

Perhaps the most important lesson will be that you can't put a Boolean expression on the left hand side of an assignment statement.


SAN MIGUEL said...

It might just be that the most important lesson will be that so much of life can be lost by posting comments on blogs.

Josh said...

How about "The eighties didn't deserve to be brought back"?

Yeah, Bruce is right: you should get a warning or error on that expression. Plus, if you're in Java-land it ought to be more like assert(!utahCounty.equals(theHood) && !you.equals(gangster));