Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Help picking a class

Here is your opportunity to impact my life.

I need a two or three credit class to finish out my schedule for this winter. What should I take?


Robyn said...

Church history (Rel C 341 or 342) from Susan Easton Black, Acoustics (Physics 167), Personal and Family Finance (HFL 260, I think), and Social Psychology (Psych 350) are all great classes--interesting, relevant, useful information and they weren't terribly difficult. Merry Christmas Eve! :)

Bruce said...

RMYL 223R—take your pick. There's mountain biking, canyoneering, winter camping, and more. Funnest classes at BYU.

Here are some other classes I thought would be cool to take, but never did:

Scuba diving
First aid
Arabic, Latin, Hebrew

Machine learning (CS 478) is also really cool.

Dianey Face said...

I was just about to comment and say Church History with Susan Easton Black hands down! But Robyn beat me to it. Now you have two testimonials.

Josh said...

* Family Money Management (might be the same as the one Robyn mentioned -- it used to be MFHD 350).
* Latin 101!
* Econ 110
* Food Science & Nutrition 100

Latin, Econ, and FSN are all a lot of work. But they're really cool.

I hear that Living With Plants isn't too bad, or maybe Wilderness Writing would be good (go camping and write about it).

Robyn: why in the world did you take acoustics? I wanted to take that since it's important in phonetics, but....

Good luck, Gabe!

Keith said...

I've always aspired to take a basket weaving class, but my chances are fading.

Carry the dream, Gabe. Don't let it die.

Keith said...

P.S. I repent of what I said against Ernest Hemingway. He is great, great, great.

Sarah said...

I went over all 215.5 credits I have from BYU, and here are some of my suggestions.

French Choir. I never actually took this. I took German Choir, but at our combined concerts it was clear who the cooler choir was. Maybe it was because too many people in the German Choir were wearing lederhosen. But if you want to join German Choir, feel free, and you can borrow my lederhosen.

Religion C 261. Family history and genealogy. Really cool class.

Dance 135 (Tap) or 171 (Clog). Percussive dances rule. 172 (Country Western and Square) is also fun.

English 218R (Creative Writing) or 382 (Shakespeare) or 391 (Folklore) or 336 (The American Novel) or 495 (African American Lit)

Physics 127 and 137 (Astronomy and Atmosphere and Weather)

Hon P 202 (The Pen and the Sword)

Probably too many credits, but Flang 101 (Swahili) is pretty cool, and then we can go to Tanzania and hike Kilamanjaro together.

Or you can be on a folk dance team. It's easy for boys to get in. ;-)

Another good option: you can spend your extra time with me, and forget about adding another class. We can do NPP together.

Karianne Salisbury said...

HMMM. I think you should take Elang 322, Modern American Usage from Deborah Harrison. This was one of my favorite classes, plus it's totally useful. :)

Barney Lund said...

I would go with Robyn's recommendation of Acoustics (Physics 167) or Family history (261?). After being done with school, I wish I had taken a literature class as well.

Keith said...

Wait. A comment from Barney? That's pretty remarkable. He has all but disappeared from the face of the internet since he got you-know-what to you-know-whom.