Monday, December 15, 2008

The Dangers of Wiki

- "An apparent Muslim, Obama could use the Koran when he is sworn into office." -- First paragraph of Conservapedia's article on Obama

- "Grant him the unconditional love he desires. If you really want to hold onto him, you must accept that commitment is not to be. This does not mean you become a doormat. Long-lasting affairs are built on trust, intimacy and respect, just as any good relationship is. Usually long-term affairs are affairs of the intellect as well as affairs of the heart and body." -- Tip #5 of 6 from's article How to be a Mistress
(emphasis added to highlight ridiculosity)

- "Shake down small businesses legally by launching spurious lawsuits against them. Have your lawyer do all the legwork filing and offering 'a deal' at a reasonable rate to make the suit go away. Split the proceeds. All you have to do is find something to be 'angry' about at various businesses." -- Method #9 of 20 from's article How to Get Money without Working

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