Saturday, November 29, 2008

Optimization fail

I'm always looking for ways to optimize my life and be a little more efficient. Often times this involves doing two tasks simultaneously. Some of these tricks work better than others. One that does not work? Brushing your teeth and shaving at the same time. I'd thought about this one for a while and it seemed like a decent candidate for some optimization. Both tasks are daily tasks that need accomplished. Both only require one hand. I have two.

After almost shaving my teeth, brushing my face, and taking off my sideburns, I've decided these two processes are not prime candidates for synchrony. Despite the fact that I have an electric shaver and an electric toothbrush and that both require circular movements, the toothbrushing circles are much smaller than the faceshaving circles. The resulting task is similar to patting your stomach and rubbing your head, or is it rubbing your stomach and patting your head? Whatever. Anyway, yeah... I tried this one out so you don't have to. Trust me on this one, it doesn't work.

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Dianey Face said...

You are quite efficient, aren't you, my friend? Remember all those adjustments you made at work to make things faster? Remember how we used to do things? :) Thanks for the heads up... I normally don't shave my face, but if I ever do, it's nice to know that I have to prioritize.