Monday, October 6, 2008

Not-so-great Depression

I ran into James today west of the Marriot Center while I was listening to my Planet Money Podcast on the bailout bill. While we caught up and laughed, a middle-aged woman walked by, overheard our laughing and the following conversation took place:

Woman: At least you guys have found something to laugh about.
Woman: I mean, at least you found something to laugh about at this time. Have you guys been following the news on the economy?
Me: Yeah, I was just actually listening to a podcast about it. It fell like 500 points or so today.
Woman: Yup, I've already lost $50,000. I've got a friend who is in the same boat.
Me: Yeah, I've lost some as well, nothing near that amount, but it is pretty crazy.
Woman: Well, at least you've found something to laugh about...

It was weird. Like... creepy, eerie, you-should-try-to-sell-your-card-for-$5-using-a-cardboard-sign-while-a-photographer-takes-your-black-and-white-picture weird.


SAN MIGUEL said...

Heed my battle cry to euthanize saddening people.

Or maybe we'll just do something for them to cheer them up.

cindy said...

This is Eric. Not Cindy.

Did she really "lose" $50,000? Or is that just what that magic number is today? Like my pappy always said, "money ain't real unless it's in your hand."

It would have been better if she would have said how much of the original investment she'd lost. Like, saying she put in $100k, and lost $50k. That makes more sense to me.