Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Concerning Sequence of Realizations

1) I take anatomy
2) The last two weeks we have been working on cadavers
3) When touching the cadavers, though I wear gloves, I also need to take notes and so I handle my notebook and pen with my gloves
4) Last week I put the pen back in my pen pocket of my backpack
5) Sometimes when bored in another class, I chew on my pen
6) Until this morning when I created a dedicated cadaver pen, there were no precautions in effect to prevent the actions of realization 5) from happening with the pen from realization 3)


.:Rhea:. said...

This made me laugh so hard. When I was in massage school, we attended cadaver labs and used to laugh at all the people who would wear gloves to touch the cadavers and then use them to scratch there nose, fix their hair, or better yet, touch someone else's stuff when they weren't paying attention. At least you're smart enough to realize you're doing that.

Joshua said...

HAHAHA ... thanks for realizing it when you did. Because of your words, some of us who have not yet worked with cadavers will be a little more cautious.