Monday, September 22, 2008

The post that resembles that drawer in your house that you put stuff in when you don't know where else it goes

Well, I'm not exactly sure what to write about, but I feel like I should because I haven't written in a while, and also because my friend Cindy let me know that her sister Amy apparently reads some of her friends' blogs, including mine. So I thought of her, and the many unnamed readers that I may have but not be aware of and I dunno, it gave me a drive to post again.

Or maybe I am just in the HBLL procrastinating school work. Which I have something to say about actually. I don't have any classes tomorrow, and so the next work I would be working on wouldn't be due until Thursday. As you could guess, I have surprisingly little motivation to get cracking on it now, on Monday. In fact, there is a logarithmic relation at work here. Let me try to outline it in a graph... (I hope it is better than the last visual aide I created for this site. I believe that was a Venn Diagram comparing Eric Badger and I).

So, as we see in the above graph, when the next thing you have to do isn't due for a while, it is easy to get distracted doing things like making blog posts about the phenomenon describing the inability to get too far ahead. It actually is quite an oppressive system that makes it hard to break free from the present.

Now that I've wasted a good half an hour making a simple graph... I need to find other things to blog about.

Oh, today some girl held the door for me on campus. Not just popped it open after she was through, she opened it and let me through and then went through after. I don't know why, but it was a really nice thing to do.

The other day I was thinking that it would be sweet to start all your discussions with some 'buzz phrase' like "How 'bout the gas prices???" Or now since gas dropped a bit, it could be like "How 'bout that fed bailout???" or "How 'bout that hurricane Ike???" It is kinda flexible, but there are some rules:
- The phrase must start with "How 'bout..." and then be followed by something buzz-worthy
- It's all or nothing, every conversation has to start with the aforementioned phrase
- You have to pick just one phrase. I don't care if you talk to Suzie 5 times that day, every conversation must be started with "How 'bout those Cougs and their shutouts???"
I've never really tried it, but I've thought about trying it.

Currently I am listening to unsigned rap artists on iLike. I was actually about to go on my usual "What the heck does that 'i' before everything mean?" stint, but then I realized that this time it actually makes sense. Anyway, if the site name changed according to my actual feelings, it would be called iAmIndifferent right now. This song's only so-so.

I'm thinking about buying a MacBook because I am pretty sick of Windows. However, I am not sure if I can justify buying a new laptop right now. Your justifications would be appreciated in the comments.

The other day I was in the periodicals and they had their little whiteboard all doodled up. It said "Make a play in the periodicals" and had a diagram of a fake football play. But I was thinking, the sign would be a lot funnier (not sure if that is what they were going for, but certainly an option) if it said "Make a pass in the periodicals" and then had a fake diagram of a play. But only this time it could be a passing play. Well, at least I would have enjoyed the sign a lot more.

Today I saw someone carrying a full-size upright bass in campus. Not rolling it, carrying it. I looked at him and thought to myself "That is why I don't play the bass." Then I realized that there are probably a few other reasons that I don't play the bass, but certainly that plays a huge factor in it.

Last Friday was odd. I found myself at the dental clinic again and realized that 5 weeks before I had been broken up with on a Thursday night, went to the clinic the next day, did extractions, and got a small drop of blood on my jeans. Well, there I was, I'd been broken up with again the night before, I was at the clinic, we were doing extractions, and I looked down at my jeans only to see the faded drop of blood. It just seemed a little weird.

I think at one point I made a post of unethical schemes such as getting free postage by putting your name as the address, and the person you want to receive the letter as the return address and then failing to put a stamp on the letter. Anyway, I thought of another scheme to get free food that would make the list: Just go up to J-Dawgs and get in the right line instead of the left. It would be as simple as that. Free AND Faster.

Yesterday at church, my friend Jake Rees and I saw a poster for the BYU EcoResponse team. The poster talked about how we can be gentler on the earth, grow our own food, etc. But the most intriguing point the poster offered was this "Find our how to forage edible food on BYU's campus." We thought this was intriguing, and so we sent the following email:
Eco Response Team:

We are BYU students, and have had minimal success foraging on/off campus. We tried one tree that looked like fruit, but got real sick. Stay away from those little things that look like blue berries-they actually taste like sadness, and our stomachs agree. Any help would be much appreciated. We saw your flier, and were hoping for a map of all the edible shrubbery on campus. Anything off-campus would be a happy bonus. The faster you respond, the sooner we can eat. Thank goodness last week was fast sunday.


Two aspiring foragers,

Gabe Proulx
Jake Rees

They responded. We were told that last week alone there were 2 guided tours on campus of edible foods. I wouldn't have guessed. This group seems very interesting though. In fact, I may just go to their next meeting.

On that note, I should probably actually do some work. But there is one more thing I have been thinking about changing when I post. Maybe to get more comments and reader feedback I should end posts with a question. Well, here is today's.

How 'bout that large hadron collider ending the world??? (PS. It really hasn't. Want to know how I know. Oh... simple. Just check out They also have an RSS feed for you guys that don't want to check it every day.)


cindy said...

Lol, I'm glad we're friends. Eric and I like eating things that grow on campus. By the JFSB they have these apple trees with mini apples. They're really tart, like cooking apples. Also, there are a lot of wild plum trees south of campus on that little path that winds through the trees there. They're out of season now, though. By the McKay Building there are some grapes that aren't ripe yet, but I'm eagerly anticipating it... :o)

Amy R said...

Where were you guys when I was at BYU, to tell me where the free produce was? Oh, yeah. In high school.

Anyway, Gabe, my friends and I tried to start people saying "yo momma," among other outdated phrases, again when we were in college. Didn't exactly take, but we annoyed a lot of people in the process. So, anyway,"how 'bout.." is a good idea, no matter what, because at very least you can annoy some people.

Oh, I guess I'm officially not a stalker anymore. Kinda sad moment for me.

Bruce said...

1. That looks a lot more like a 1/x curve than a logarithmic curve, although it could pass for 1/ln(x+1) in a pinch. I'm also curious about whether the values of the function for x < 0 (past-due things). Both of the functions I mentioned have behavior for negative x that probably doesn't match your motivation.

2. Justification for buying a MacBook: paying my future salary—a very important cause, if I may say so myself. If you buy a lot of them, maybe I'll even get a bonus.

3. I like your letter to the eco people.

4. I was going to write a post about, but now you stole my thunder.

I See Badgers said...

Do you remember seeing those purple and green berries that made a mess on the hill south of campus? There was one tree of them that was right next to the steps that take you up at the steeper angle. Anyways, I've eaten them when they were red, green, and purple. They are extremely juicy. I recommend just putting the whole thing in your mouth and then biting down. Take care not to bite the seed. That is definitely not edible, but like I said, those where great.

Mary said...

I recommend the MacBook. I just got one and it has pretty much changed my life. I mean, any computer that can do a 2-finger scroll and is white is what I'm talking about. Oh, and about your eating on campus- sounds like a good weight-loss program.

Gabe said...

Bruce.. It is actually (1/log(x-1))+1. And those areas you speak of where x < 1. It is undefined. When things are too close or overdue, people do erratic things ranging from nothing, to burning out. Hope this helps.