Monday, September 1, 2008

Lord of the Sunglasses

So I had another weird dream last night.

I somehow had gotten my hands on a pair of sunglasses that I believe people thought had gone missing in a plain crash. Anyway, I didn't think much of them until people started making a big deal of them. I found out there were three sunglasses in this set. The first two fit together like a puzzle piece and the last one you just had to wear over the first two. Apparently something happened if you collected all three. So, more out of curiosity spawned by others, I decided to look for the others.

I did some searching and found the second pair. Someone had been wearing them and so I just forcibly took them from them. They were a little upset but really there wasn't anything they could do about it.

So now I just had to find the last pair. My sources told me they were worn by a second grader. The thing was, when this second grader wore them he could see like they were normal glasses, but when he took them off, his eyes grew all black and he couldn't. Sometimes it was just his eyeballs that got black, other times it was his whole eye sockets.

Well, I tracked down this kid, I believe with the help of his sister. We went to his school and walked into his class. I took his glasses. I think I may have felt a little bad about taking something from a second grader, especially taking his sight, but I got over that when I saw how creepy the kid was with black eyes. He also had this metal skewer thing (like you use for fondue) coming out of his head. I remember thinking that I should pull it out, maybe that's what is impairing his vision, but I thought that it would be too risky if anything went wrong. So as I said, I took the little kid's glasses, he got all upset and creepy with his eyes going black. He followed me around a bit and threatened me that he was going to haunt me and stuff. In fact I transported to a couple locations and he followed me for a while but... there is only so much a creepy little blind kid with a skewer in his head can do before you lose him.

So I had all three glasses. I was wearing them now. Apparently I was supposed to have some special powers, but they also were going to corrupt me. But really, they weren't that great and I didn't mind parting with them. I realized they were pretty analogous to the ring in Lord of the Rings, so I decided Gandalf would be the one to talk to. I looked him up in the teleportation directory and teleported to where he was, but then I realized Sauron was keeping him captive and it was pretty messy. Anyway, I saw him but I just didn't want to get involved with the whole thing and so I flew away. I guess I figured the wizard could fend for himself.

The next best person I could talk to was the Elders Quorum President of all Middle Earth, who was apparently Perris, a friend who had just moved out of my ward. So I catch up with him and we go for a fly. I kept thinking, "Man, we are not high enough. Everyone is probably eavesdropping." Perris had already had his hands full dealing with the real ring and trying to orchestrate Frodo's disposal of it. I felt sort of bad telling him, since I know Elders Quorum President's have a lot on their plate, but I remember saying, "Yeah, well... there is another problem. These sunglasses I've been wearing, they kinda do the same thing. But don't worry, I'll take care of it."

So my next stop, after a short visit to a metal reclamation site, was Mount Doom. I remember navigating some underground tunnels around dangerous lava. And this is where the dream starts to fade away, but I can tell you a couple thoughts in summary:

I am pretty sure I didn't choke at the summit like our friend Frodo. And I'm not so sure if it is because I'm stronger than that, or that the sunglasses were just not that cool.

I really didn't feel that bad about just taking glasses #2 and #3. Those people shouldn't had had them anyway and... they were safer in my hands. In fact, the two people I took them from, kinda freaked out when I took them so I think I justified in my heads that their addiction to these glasses were unhealthy, so I was doing them a favor.

And my final conclusion is that I have some weird dreams.


cindy said...

Umm, sometimes you're crazy.


We have fish!

I See Badgers said...

nice :)