Monday, September 29, 2008

Back to the Glory Days

I have two announcements:

1) I have glasses. Apparently they make me look like a reformed Ska listener according to Barney.

2) I am letting my hair grow out. I hope to achieve a haircut similar to the glory days of yore.

And yes, this picture was originally greyscale until I colored it in my CS100 class.

On an unrelated note, I've noticed something. Well, let me preface my observation with a story. A couple of weeks ago Perris asked me if I wanted to hike Timp with him. Hiking Timp is one of those things that I want to do at least once, like a marathon, so I told him yes. So we embarked on the journey with his friend, who is a Native American and ironically (just wait, you'll see it) touted the fact that we were in good hands traveling with him. We left at 1AM. We started hiking about 1:30AM. And from 1:30AM to about 3:30AM we hiked in the completely wrong direction, probably a good 90 degrees off. And you guessed it, from 3:30AM to 5:30AM we hiked back to the car, at which point we admitted defeat and went home, getting to bed a little after 6:00AM.

Anyway, on our trip, while we were at the store and driving around at 1:30AM, we kept seeing other people out at that hour. And it was interesting, because it was our first inclination to judge them. In fact, we often said thing similar to, "What the heck are these people doing out at this time. They should be in bed. Sheesh." I'm not sure why, but we were excused, because we were on a mission? So, this morning when I woke up at 6:00AM, only 4.75 hours after going to bed, and saw Josh and Seth up, I judged them. In fact, I think it is safe to say that we judged all around. I am sure we all were thinking things such as, "What the...? Why in the world are you guys up at this time. Go to bed." Anyway, I am sure there is some lesson to learn from this. Something like... don't be up at odd hours?

And another story. Yesterday, my former roommate whom I will call... Leroy, gave me too much credit. I was thinking about asking this girl out that has been sometimes known to be at our apartment. He seemed to know her fairly well, so I decided to ask him his advice. Well, I called Leroy, and asked him what he thought. Then ensued a semi-awkward conversation as he explained that the reason he seemed to know her fairly well, well... it was intentional. They had gone out the week before. So I apologized for putting him in a situation involving a conflict of interest. And then later I got her number from someone else and asked her out. An hour after doing so he called me to thank me:

Leroy: I wanted to thank you for calling me. I thought that was very thoughtful of you.

Me: Oh, don't get me wrong. That wasn't thoughtfulness. You give me too much credit. I was just asking you because you seemed to know her fairly well. Sorry.

Leroy: Oh... Well... If you wanted to take her out... go ahead...

Then later in the conversation he told me that he was actually with said girl when I called her but started talking to someone else so he didn't catch why I was calling. At that point I told him that that, in fact, was one of my reasons for calling her, to ask her out. So in conclusion... I guess it is good to be honest with people. Perhaps I should feel bad for my apparent lack of thoughtfulness? I'm also not sure if I was being entrapped. Anyway, I guess it is a good thing he isn't my roommate anymore?


Keith said...

Way funny. By the way, I have NOT been awake since 6:00. Repeat: NOT.

I See Badgers said...

dang skippy. I was going to hike stuart falls with cindy this last saturday, but the group we were going to go with wanted to start hiking at 8:30....we got our sleep and called it good.

Dianey Face said...

Let the hair-growing contest begin! I'm winning, by the way.