Sunday, August 24, 2008

During Last Night's Slumber

I was with a girl at her house. This wasn't her apartment, but her family's home. I'm not quite sure who this girl was, but I was trying to convince myself that I liked her. What bothered me though, was her teeth. They were small, had spaces between them, were off-colored, and ended in uneven edges. Nonetheless, we were helping clean up her house. It was dirty, like it hadn't been cleaned in ages.

Next thing I knew, I was in another location. I remember thinking that it seemed to be Downtown Disney at night. I saw Allison Jones walking up to me. Now I started thinking I liked her. We ended going back to the toothy girl's house to hang out in one of the rooms we cleaned. If I recall correctly, there were others in our group.

I sat on something like a Lovesac and faced the couch. Allison sat all the way to one end of the couch. A horse sat next to her, quite closely. In fact one of the two, the horse or Allison, had their arm around the other. He was a brown horse with a lightly-colored belly. I noticed the belly because he wasn't sitting in any known horse-like manner. He was almost reclining on the couch, sitting on his tail, exposing his tan belly to the room. He sat with one hoof quite close to my face.

I thought, 'Horses kick a lot, I know that. I should be alert.' Sure enough, his foot jolted several times, and if I hadn't have caught it each time with my hands, he would have connected.

Before I knew it, I found myself on top of the horse's belly, tickling him on the sides, where you would normally tickle a person, while he laughed and laughed. This is perhaps the most vivid part of the dream because I remember thinking, 'Now this is something else! You don't get to tickle a horse every day.' I think I tickled him off the couch.

So there I ended up, sitting on the couch next to Allison, with the horse sprawled out in front of me, tired from laughing. Allison showed me a text on her phone from a guy named Scott who she had been keeping in touch with the first half of the summer. The text said something like, "I will see you there tonight. I didn't know they were in the landscaping and mulching industry."

It was then that I realized that the horse was Scott. At least he used to be Scott earlier in the day, and was able to communicate like a human, but for some reason he had turned into a horse tonight and was unable to talk. I felt bad for flirting with Allison in front of him, while he could do nothing except try to kick me in the face with his hoof, but I didn't feel that bad.


Suzie said...

That was weird. And, for some reason, highly entertaining.

I See Badgers said...

nice...weird...dream. I have odd dreams too. Next time I remember one, I'll post it to join in the weirdness.

cindy said...

LOL. I've had some weird dreams in my day, but that one's pretty out there.

Janae said...

Wow Gabe...I'm glad our Wii playing didn't bring this on. I'd feel bad. As it is, though, I just think your dreams are ridiculously strange. :)

Ant Quinn said...

I don't know why your dream made me think of the lyrics to this song in Dumbo...

I saw a peanut stand,
Heard a rubber band,
I saw a needle that winked its eye.
But I think I will have seen everything
When I see an elephant fly.

I saw a front porch swing,
Heard a diamond ring,
I saw a polka-dot railroad tie.
But I think I will have seen everything
When I see an elephant fly.

I seen a clothes horse he r'ar up and buck
And they tell me that a man made a vegetable truck
I didn't see that I only heard
But just to be sociable I'll take your word

I heard a fireside chat
I saw a baseball bat
And I just laughed till I thought I'd die
But I'd been done seen about everything
When I see an elephant fly.

But I'd been done seen about everything when I see Gabe tickling a horseman.

PS. I'd never really paid attention to the lyrics of this song...they are really silly.

.:Rhea:. said...

So I know your career field may leave you with this pious idea of teeth in general, but I want to let you know, from a business ethics stand point, that you should try to keep your judgments inward as potential clients can see or hear them and be insecure of themselves. Such people tend to think, "What does he think or say about me?"

Yours Truly,

The toothy girl with the unruly crooked teeth and cross bite complimented by her insane Jay Leno-like-jaw line