Saturday, June 7, 2008

The rebellion begins

It started two weeks ago when I went into the break room to get a drink. You see, I am too lazy to pack a lunch, and in fact, I don't want to even take a lunch break at work. I would much rather get off an hour earlier and eat lunch and dinner in one larger consolidated meal, than take off an hour in the middle of my work day to spend eating lunch at a corporate office. Sometimes though, I have a dollar in my wallet and I buy something from the breakroom. Not anymore!

Two weeks ago I went in to buy a drink. There are two drink machines, one consisting of nothing at all that I would want to drink, and the other only half consisting of things I wouldn't drink. The second one has like, 2 things of Dasani water, 4 flavors of Monster Energy Drink (which for some odd reason seems very fitting in a summer sales company), and two different flavors of that flavored VitaWater stuff. So I decide to get the VitaWater, put my dollar in, and realize both are sold out. Also, the coin return button doesn't work. So after jamming the button in despair for a minute, I resign myself to waste my money on water to try to at least recoup something. I didn't enjoy the water.

The machine wanted to play hardball, so I played. A week later I went to get something to drink. But this time, I pressed the VitaWater buttons first to make sure they weren't sold out. Then I put in my dollar and drank up. This is when the machine got smart and adapted to counter me. Two days ago I went to get another drink. This time I first made sure the VitaWater was not sold out. It wasn't. I put my bill and triumphantly pressed the button. Instead of the normal "VEND" that displayed on the machine, it displayed "1.00". I tried over and over to no avail. The machine conveniently had no recollection that I just put in a dollar. I walked away a broken man, vowing to never frequent that machine again.

My co-worker confirmed to me that the machine wasn't just getting mouthy with me, but with everyone. Just the other day he walked in on this lady in her late 50's drinking a Monster. After commenting that she didn't seem the Monster type, she told him that is what it decided to give her. I guess she was trying to cut her losses.


Dianey Face said...

I'm so glad you blogged about this. It must be stopped. And the only way we can stop it is to spread the word of this unjustness to the world. But who knows? Maybe if we all gave in and bought those energy drinks, work would be a lot more entertaining...

Janae said...

Can we mutiny? I've felt justice though, so I'm not currently complaining. Once, last year, I put in 50 cents to get a granola bar, and then the machine spit out a dollar coin! I was like, "take that!" When I told my French class some of the "high and mighty" personalities talked about returning the dollar. I'm evil, and I just feel like now vending hasn't wronged me too much. I kept the dollar. And the granola bar. I loved your post!