Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random thoughts - June-style

- New security tactic for my car: Jlarchiblog told me the other night that his car was broken into through the window. His amp was stolen. Ever since I have started leaving my windows down and car unlocked. Cause frankly, I think that it is more likely that my car will be looted than stolen itself. So... loot away guys. There isn't anything in there of value. And at least now my window won't be broken. PS. If you are going to steal something from a car, it seems that you would choose an item with a better dollar to pound ratio. A $200 amp that ways a full 100 lbs? I'm sorry, but that just doesn't seem worth it.

- Clapping to the beat at a musical event: I'm not sure about this, but it seems very likely that clapping in rhythm at a musical performance would be considered bad form for an audience. Now I can see it if you are at a performance of Gospel music or if someone on stage puts their hands together above their head in the lets-all-clap motion. But when you are watching a band of woodwinds and brass instruments, that have even supplied their own percussion, I don't know that is appreciated. In fact, it is kind of arrogant to assume that the person next to you would rather hear you clapping than the piece playing. Also, I'm not quite sure people are aware that the tempo often changes in songs. So, I dunno, does anyone in a performance major have any more legitimate insight on this topic? I could be way off.

- You know that quote where that general authority says that kisses shouldn't be given out like pretzels. Well... I don't think that standing ovations should be given out like pretzels either.

- I tried out for and got cast in a play, which I am sure all of you know about. Actually, I think most of you know that I am in a play, and know of a certain action that takes place in the play, but oddly enough have no clue what the short is really about. It really is a masterfully written short though. But anyway, the other day we met with the assistant director, Christian, and discussed the back-stories for our characters. It was really fascinating. You can get lost in your character's story. It felt like I was using a creative muscle that hadn't been stretched in a long time, since maybe I was a kid. Anyway, I liked it. It made the lines in the play make sense. There is a certain satisfaction about discovering who your character is, and doing it so well that you really feel like all the lines in the play become natural. They are exactly what that character would say in that situation.


Barney Lund said...

I share your sentiments on standing ovations. As a former music major (but more importantly, an accustomed musician), it's rare that audience participation is ever solicited in a situation as you've's just lame when someone doesn't know that you shouldn't...or when they look at you in disgust for not clapping as excitedly as they are, 'cause you're not between movements.

Sometimes I give a courtesy standing ovation if everyone else is doing it...but I usually make sure I'm one of the last people standing when I do. I've only given a couple of handfuls of true standing ovations in my life...about as many as pretzels I could hold in my two hands.

Oh, and that's the big kind of pretzels. :)

Nate and Julie said...

Funny, my mom shares the same philosophy on leaving the car unlocked. I'm not sure if I buy it though.