Thursday, June 5, 2008


Man, I think I hit a low for May. Only one post? That is pretty poor. Anyway, hopefully I am back. May was a busy month. But, as of last night around 11 p.m., I have submitted my dental applications. Or at least everything that I can. My AADSAS is in and I have filled out my secondary for University of Pennsylvania. I also sent off the checks to the other schools that require a processing fee right away. Now all I can do is sit and wait. Some schools ask for a secondary when they schedule an interview, others don't even require one.

I've been getting really excited about dental school lately. Because I had to fill out a secondary already for UPenn, it is currently my first pick. The only problem is that UPenn is not only the priciest school out of the 5 I am applying to, but it is one of the priciest of all schools. It is also pretty selective. So who knows... My dream though? To get in and get their Dean's scholarship. I don't know how much of a chance there is of that happening though. My DAT was good, but not exceptional. And as for research experience, I have zilch. Anyway, I can dream right? But there are some really cool things that interest me with UPenn. They have a student exchange program that lets you go study at a dental school at a foreign country for 4 or so weeks. The are also heavily involved with the World Health Organization and focus on oral infectious diseases. Anyway, I think it is cool that they focus more on dental health than just dental surgery. I'll change the topic before this becomes a recreation of my essay on why UPenn is right for me:-).

In other news, I applied for a passport thinking that if I need to go somewhere, I would rather have one ready than have to worry about applying for one. To be honest, I guess I have some romantic notion that I will have to flee the country in a hurry because of some.... some... important reason yet to be imagined by me. It is exciting enough just to think about having to flee the country. But I guess the undetermined reason would probably be along the lines of something you might see in a Dan Brown novel. After all, you never know when you are going to get yourself caught up in an international crisis. So, I got the passport with no plans to travel anywhere. In fact when it asks on the application what trips I am planning, when I am planning them, and why, I had to sheepishly right down that I had none planned. I thought that if I did want to leave somewhere, I probably wouldn't have the time to get a passport beforehand. But apparently I am wrong. The state department got my passport back in 9 days! I applied for one on Tues the 27th right before the Utah Clerk's office closed, and I got my passport back today. I dunno, but it seems uncommonly fast for our government. Maybe it is a sign that I will be needing it soon? Anybody want to travel?

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