Friday, June 27, 2008

Just Keep On Heelin'

That's my new motto. How new you ask? Oh... only since I've been the proud owner of THESE!

Ok... So I got these a week ago. The reason why I haven't posted about them yet is because this is a difficult post. It's like.... the first post after you get married (I imagine) or after your Mom dies (also imagining here). What do you say? When such a momentous occasion like this happens in your life, it takes a bit to process it and come to terms with the changes in your life. I'm not sure if I am ready yet, but I felt this post was overdue.

So the story? I was at work and mentioned to my coworker that I always wanted to get Heelys. Actually, I guess I didn't always want to get them, it started last year around my birthday. I just knew that the best birthday present I could get was a pair of Heelys. But they only make up to a man's size 12 and I would have to order them online, so I didn't risk it. Brenden, my co-worker, mentioned that he actually had a pair of 12's and wouldn't mind bringing them in. So he brought them in, and it was love at first roll. So... I bought them off of him.

That first day I:

-Almost ran into an old man coming around the corner at work

-Fell backwards onto my hands

-Discovered they could roll on really compacted carpet

-Rolled down almost the entire length of the hallway in the Nichols building (prime Heeling real estate if any of my readers are Heelys wearers)

-Fulfilled the daydream I had almost every day last year which involved me rolling down the bike side of the ramp up to south campus (oddly enough a girl was walking her bike up the pedestrian side while I rolled down)

-Made a lot of my friends jealous

So... Heeling isn't without its drawbacks. I took a spill the other day in my parking lot and ended up scraping up my hands. I still am coping with the fact that everyone looks at me the same way the would look at their misbehaving 10-year-old brother. And finally, I've discovered that the life of a Heeler is a lone one. None of my friends can keep up. I've considered picking my favorite friend and buying them a pair, just so I can have a companion.

Honestly though? They are freaking fun. And really efficient too. Especially when you are grocery shopping. I would highly recommend them. In fact I do, I recommend a pair of Heelys.


Dianey Face said...

Please. Roll my eyes back to me. And then you can just roll away.

Joshua said...

You can buy me a pair if you like and we can go heelin' in the Adirondacks in search of Timothy McVey. "I'm a loner Dottie, a rebel."

Taylor said...

Every time I've seen Heely's, they're only in kids sizes and have a 60 lb weight limit. I think I'm going to pass your offer to try them out though: I don't know if my life is ready for that kind of adjustment right now. Thanks :)