Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Economy

A year ago I could be heard saying, "The economy? How is that going to affect me? I don't have that much money invested, and I don't run the risk of getting laid off." Interestingly enough, I've come to see how it has affected me. Mainly because I came home today with $50 of groceries that probably would have cost $35 a couple years ago. The economy is actually really fascinating to me, partially because I don't understand it.

Another interesting concept floating around in my head is the relative nature in which we look at expenditures. How bizarre is it that I will look at a container of Juicy Juice that costs $2.50 and think that it is way to expensive to purchase, when I may go home and stop by Jamba and buy a smoothie for $4.50. It is almost as if there are parallel realms in which money has different values. Another example of this is the fact that, for some reason, it doesn't bother me that the total of my application fees for dental school are around $800. I always knew it would be expensive, and so I don't mind that it is. Similarly, I don't mind the price of gas. In my mind, gas is a necessity that I always knew I would need. The benefits of travel far outweigh the cost of gas, even at $4 a gallon, so I don't really think twice at the pump.

In some twisted sense, it is almost an adventure. It is almost fascinating to see the price of gas keep rising and keep rising and see the effect it has on life. I am not forgoing other necessities to support my transportation, so it really hasn't taken its toll on me. Overall, I think it is an interesting trend to watch and analyze. In fact, I think the benefits of higher priced gas outweighs the cost of, well, its cost. Nothing will force our economy to be greener and less reliant on oil than a high price. The prices we endure now will return to us in more fuel efficient cars and a less oil-reliant economy. Those are my thoughts at least.

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