Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random thoughts - June-style

- New security tactic for my car: Jlarchiblog told me the other night that his car was broken into through the window. His amp was stolen. Ever since I have started leaving my windows down and car unlocked. Cause frankly, I think that it is more likely that my car will be looted than stolen itself. So... loot away guys. There isn't anything in there of value. And at least now my window won't be broken. PS. If you are going to steal something from a car, it seems that you would choose an item with a better dollar to pound ratio. A $200 amp that ways a full 100 lbs? I'm sorry, but that just doesn't seem worth it.

- Clapping to the beat at a musical event: I'm not sure about this, but it seems very likely that clapping in rhythm at a musical performance would be considered bad form for an audience. Now I can see it if you are at a performance of Gospel music or if someone on stage puts their hands together above their head in the lets-all-clap motion. But when you are watching a band of woodwinds and brass instruments, that have even supplied their own percussion, I don't know that is appreciated. In fact, it is kind of arrogant to assume that the person next to you would rather hear you clapping than the piece playing. Also, I'm not quite sure people are aware that the tempo often changes in songs. So, I dunno, does anyone in a performance major have any more legitimate insight on this topic? I could be way off.

- You know that quote where that general authority says that kisses shouldn't be given out like pretzels. Well... I don't think that standing ovations should be given out like pretzels either.

- I tried out for and got cast in a play, which I am sure all of you know about. Actually, I think most of you know that I am in a play, and know of a certain action that takes place in the play, but oddly enough have no clue what the short is really about. It really is a masterfully written short though. But anyway, the other day we met with the assistant director, Christian, and discussed the back-stories for our characters. It was really fascinating. You can get lost in your character's story. It felt like I was using a creative muscle that hadn't been stretched in a long time, since maybe I was a kid. Anyway, I liked it. It made the lines in the play make sense. There is a certain satisfaction about discovering who your character is, and doing it so well that you really feel like all the lines in the play become natural. They are exactly what that character would say in that situation.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Just Keep On Heelin'

That's my new motto. How new you ask? Oh... only since I've been the proud owner of THESE!

Ok... So I got these a week ago. The reason why I haven't posted about them yet is because this is a difficult post. It's like.... the first post after you get married (I imagine) or after your Mom dies (also imagining here). What do you say? When such a momentous occasion like this happens in your life, it takes a bit to process it and come to terms with the changes in your life. I'm not sure if I am ready yet, but I felt this post was overdue.

So the story? I was at work and mentioned to my coworker that I always wanted to get Heelys. Actually, I guess I didn't always want to get them, it started last year around my birthday. I just knew that the best birthday present I could get was a pair of Heelys. But they only make up to a man's size 12 and I would have to order them online, so I didn't risk it. Brenden, my co-worker, mentioned that he actually had a pair of 12's and wouldn't mind bringing them in. So he brought them in, and it was love at first roll. So... I bought them off of him.

That first day I:

-Almost ran into an old man coming around the corner at work

-Fell backwards onto my hands

-Discovered they could roll on really compacted carpet

-Rolled down almost the entire length of the hallway in the Nichols building (prime Heeling real estate if any of my readers are Heelys wearers)

-Fulfilled the daydream I had almost every day last year which involved me rolling down the bike side of the ramp up to south campus (oddly enough a girl was walking her bike up the pedestrian side while I rolled down)

-Made a lot of my friends jealous

So... Heeling isn't without its drawbacks. I took a spill the other day in my parking lot and ended up scraping up my hands. I still am coping with the fact that everyone looks at me the same way the would look at their misbehaving 10-year-old brother. And finally, I've discovered that the life of a Heeler is a lone one. None of my friends can keep up. I've considered picking my favorite friend and buying them a pair, just so I can have a companion.

Honestly though? They are freaking fun. And really efficient too. Especially when you are grocery shopping. I would highly recommend them. In fact I do, I recommend a pair of Heelys.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Secrets in the White House

So, for the life of me I could only come up with a few possible explanations for why the White House is doing O-Chem on their computers:

Someone from the cabinet is working on their GED.

Bush was sketching out some possible solutions for global warming, this one involving the creation of more oxygen.

Someone was briefing Bush on the difference between Ozone and Oxygen.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Economy

A year ago I could be heard saying, "The economy? How is that going to affect me? I don't have that much money invested, and I don't run the risk of getting laid off." Interestingly enough, I've come to see how it has affected me. Mainly because I came home today with $50 of groceries that probably would have cost $35 a couple years ago. The economy is actually really fascinating to me, partially because I don't understand it.

Another interesting concept floating around in my head is the relative nature in which we look at expenditures. How bizarre is it that I will look at a container of Juicy Juice that costs $2.50 and think that it is way to expensive to purchase, when I may go home and stop by Jamba and buy a smoothie for $4.50. It is almost as if there are parallel realms in which money has different values. Another example of this is the fact that, for some reason, it doesn't bother me that the total of my application fees for dental school are around $800. I always knew it would be expensive, and so I don't mind that it is. Similarly, I don't mind the price of gas. In my mind, gas is a necessity that I always knew I would need. The benefits of travel far outweigh the cost of gas, even at $4 a gallon, so I don't really think twice at the pump.

In some twisted sense, it is almost an adventure. It is almost fascinating to see the price of gas keep rising and keep rising and see the effect it has on life. I am not forgoing other necessities to support my transportation, so it really hasn't taken its toll on me. Overall, I think it is an interesting trend to watch and analyze. In fact, I think the benefits of higher priced gas outweighs the cost of, well, its cost. Nothing will force our economy to be greener and less reliant on oil than a high price. The prices we endure now will return to us in more fuel efficient cars and a less oil-reliant economy. Those are my thoughts at least.

Double or nothing

I think I have a gift in life of seeing connections between unrelated things. You know, like drawing analogies to help things become more clear.

Tonight I was having a conversation with someone I had just met and we were joking around. As the general mood of the conversation was that of friendly jests, I lightly made fun of her at one point, being sure to smile so she know I was kidding. However, when I made my comment she said, "Okay, I am actually offended by that." I couldn't tell if she was joking about this too. So I took a risk and called her out on it by saying "No you're not." She told me she really wasn't and continued laughing.

Later I thought of that and remembered the other day when I was thinking about the concept of going "double or nothing" in gambling and how it changes the dynamics of betting. I then realized that essentially, that is what I did in that conversation. I went double or nothing with the currency of socialization. She could have really been serious and been even more offended when I said she wasn't. Luckily, I seemed to have one that bet. I thought it was kind of an interesting parallel though. Maybe you don't.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A little friendly blog-contest

That's right. This is a first for my blog. But I'd like to challenge my fellow bloggers to a photo-contest. This means that I pick a random topic and then whoever posts the most interesting photo relating to that topic wins. Okay. So we need a first topic. How about....Let's see....Uhm....Random stains in the carpet at your work that look like vaporized toddlers? Yeah, I think that will do.

Oh! I happen to have just the photo!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The rebellion begins

It started two weeks ago when I went into the break room to get a drink. You see, I am too lazy to pack a lunch, and in fact, I don't want to even take a lunch break at work. I would much rather get off an hour earlier and eat lunch and dinner in one larger consolidated meal, than take off an hour in the middle of my work day to spend eating lunch at a corporate office. Sometimes though, I have a dollar in my wallet and I buy something from the breakroom. Not anymore!

Two weeks ago I went in to buy a drink. There are two drink machines, one consisting of nothing at all that I would want to drink, and the other only half consisting of things I wouldn't drink. The second one has like, 2 things of Dasani water, 4 flavors of Monster Energy Drink (which for some odd reason seems very fitting in a summer sales company), and two different flavors of that flavored VitaWater stuff. So I decide to get the VitaWater, put my dollar in, and realize both are sold out. Also, the coin return button doesn't work. So after jamming the button in despair for a minute, I resign myself to waste my money on water to try to at least recoup something. I didn't enjoy the water.

The machine wanted to play hardball, so I played. A week later I went to get something to drink. But this time, I pressed the VitaWater buttons first to make sure they weren't sold out. Then I put in my dollar and drank up. This is when the machine got smart and adapted to counter me. Two days ago I went to get another drink. This time I first made sure the VitaWater was not sold out. It wasn't. I put my bill and triumphantly pressed the button. Instead of the normal "VEND" that displayed on the machine, it displayed "1.00". I tried over and over to no avail. The machine conveniently had no recollection that I just put in a dollar. I walked away a broken man, vowing to never frequent that machine again.

My co-worker confirmed to me that the machine wasn't just getting mouthy with me, but with everyone. Just the other day he walked in on this lady in her late 50's drinking a Monster. After commenting that she didn't seem the Monster type, she told him that is what it decided to give her. I guess she was trying to cut her losses.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Man, I think I hit a low for May. Only one post? That is pretty poor. Anyway, hopefully I am back. May was a busy month. But, as of last night around 11 p.m., I have submitted my dental applications. Or at least everything that I can. My AADSAS is in and I have filled out my secondary for University of Pennsylvania. I also sent off the checks to the other schools that require a processing fee right away. Now all I can do is sit and wait. Some schools ask for a secondary when they schedule an interview, others don't even require one.

I've been getting really excited about dental school lately. Because I had to fill out a secondary already for UPenn, it is currently my first pick. The only problem is that UPenn is not only the priciest school out of the 5 I am applying to, but it is one of the priciest of all schools. It is also pretty selective. So who knows... My dream though? To get in and get their Dean's scholarship. I don't know how much of a chance there is of that happening though. My DAT was good, but not exceptional. And as for research experience, I have zilch. Anyway, I can dream right? But there are some really cool things that interest me with UPenn. They have a student exchange program that lets you go study at a dental school at a foreign country for 4 or so weeks. The are also heavily involved with the World Health Organization and focus on oral infectious diseases. Anyway, I think it is cool that they focus more on dental health than just dental surgery. I'll change the topic before this becomes a recreation of my essay on why UPenn is right for me:-).

In other news, I applied for a passport thinking that if I need to go somewhere, I would rather have one ready than have to worry about applying for one. To be honest, I guess I have some romantic notion that I will have to flee the country in a hurry because of some.... some... important reason yet to be imagined by me. It is exciting enough just to think about having to flee the country. But I guess the undetermined reason would probably be along the lines of something you might see in a Dan Brown novel. After all, you never know when you are going to get yourself caught up in an international crisis. So, I got the passport with no plans to travel anywhere. In fact when it asks on the application what trips I am planning, when I am planning them, and why, I had to sheepishly right down that I had none planned. I thought that if I did want to leave somewhere, I probably wouldn't have the time to get a passport beforehand. But apparently I am wrong. The state department got my passport back in 9 days! I applied for one on Tues the 27th right before the Utah Clerk's office closed, and I got my passport back today. I dunno, but it seems uncommonly fast for our government. Maybe it is a sign that I will be needing it soon? Anybody want to travel?