Thursday, April 24, 2008

You can't break a break

Yesterday James and I were cruising around in his car and he asked my if I had ever watched infomercials. I told him that sadly I have watched several, and a few of them in their entirety. Then he started to go off about how it confused him that it was possible for infomercials to pretend to take commercial breaks. Like, they will interrupt their faux talkshow to have a sort of commercial break... all inside this big meta commercial called an infomercial.

Well, I had a similar experience a moment ago at work. I showed up to work about 3 hours ago, and have done absolutely nothing of value to the company since I've gotten here. They just haven't had anything for me to do. I am waiting on a report that is needed before I do anything. So, for the past three hours I have read a whole slew of CNN articles, watched their videos, checked out, checked my stocks, checked my bank account, checked my school account, and written a long email to Jo. I've been pretty busy not being busy at work. And so the thought popped into my head, "Gabe, you should take a break. You know how you never take those 15 minute breaks you are legally entitled to because you feel like it makes the day go even slower and you also feel guilty if anyone would see you not working, well maybe you should take one today." And then I realized I couldn't. It just isn't possible. You can't break a break.

I think I'm gonna check out Wikipedia next.

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