Thursday, February 21, 2008

This was funny once

So, I thought this was funny for about 30 seconds. Long enough at least to take the screen clipping. And then I realized this was actually kind of sad. Sad that someone was frustrated enough with some class that they were driven to the point of:

1) Shouting - I would say that with the prevalence of the internet, it takes a lot to perturb someone so much that they would abandon all internet etiquette and give in to ol' Cappy.

2) Writing an ambiguous email - How are we supposed to help this person? I mean, I guess it is obvious that I could email them back and ask... but really, wouldn't the more obvious solution be to go to the TA or teacher and try to get help.

3) Forget to give any indication of what class they are emailing about - I love this part. Actually I hate this part. When will BYU students learn that merely stating in an email "Hey, my wife was having a baby monday and so I need notes from class" is not enough to give any indication of what class you are talking about. I suppose there is the small chance that one of the few poeple that is at all inclined to answer your plea will also be one of the few that is only taking one class on Mondays, but... no... no there isn't. Please, if you are going to be tactless enough to subject a whole class to your constant pleas for help because you can't attend class, rather than getting a study buddy, asking a TA, or planning ahead, at least let us know what class you are talking about.

Hmm.. So once again, my empathy ruined what at first glance looked to be a very entertaining blog post.


Keith said...

Just a thought, Gabe: how do you know the post wasn't written by a robot just to mess with you? You can never be too careful.

arkangel said...

Oh yeah, as I was walking to school... It got funny again.

Karianne Salisbury said...

Yes, I too absolutely LOVE the emails people send out. I share my favorite:

I appreciate the audio files and word documents of the notes, but i don't use my computer that much, so i was wondering if someone could text me the notes for last week's lectures. Thanks.