Wednesday, February 20, 2008


There you go James. Also, according to Urban Dictionary is blowing trees is defined as smoking the ganja. But then again, there was only one submitted definition for that phrase, which as you know, is uncharacteristic for Urban Dictionary. Perhaps it was Kanye himself that submitted it? I mean... Should we compare Kanye to Shakespeare? Perhaps he is doing to our language now what Shakespeare did centuries ago?

But yeah, on further thought... it seems to be the trend that... Well let's just say that if the users of Urban Dictionary collaborated on a legit printed dictionary, I think the 4th definition for about every word would either deal with doing some drug or some immoral act. Just my observation. I also pondered on how peculiar indeed it is that Kanye not only has a recollection of events that happened when he was 3, but he also knew enough to determine that Wendy had "So much soul." I certainly don't believe that I was that clued into the world to make such observations at that age.

P.S. How do you think he graduated if he got D's? Maybe that is why he had to register late?

P.P.S. If you are not James, you don't know what I am blogging about. Listen to Kanye's "Homecoming" song with Coldplay. Then reread

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