Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Exciting news!

Alright, some exciting news. First off, I think it is awesome that Uchtdorf is in the Presidency. I think this is an amazing Presidency. Personally I think that Elder Eyring is one of the most moving apostles we've had. I don't know what it is about him that I connect with, but I connect.

Now, as you all now, I ordered a shirt off woot the other week. It was a random shirt. Once again. I was quite pleased with it. Here is a pic...

Uhm... Next up is my recent conversation with Dax. Yeah, that's right. Either Dax or an imposter. I am not sure yet. But anyway, I found him on Facebook, added him, and then msged him weeks ago to try to get him to respond and get some type of friendship going. Success!!! All I can say is... success.

I haven't decided yet what to write back...

Okay, so I thought this was pretty cool today. My roommate Patrick brought this to my attention. Michelle Obama met with two apostles today. While we are on the topic of Obama. I don't know what has gotten into me, but this election has re-energized me. It is like when you get excited about something and it is so clear to you that you want to just tell everyone and expect them to get excited too, but you sometimes forget that everyone doesn't see the vision? I don't know what it is, but I am so excited and filled with hope for America's future when I think that Obama may be our next president. I showed his Yes We Can speech after his rout in South Carolina to Sharon, Anthony, Ashley, Nate, and some others Sunday night, and it was electrifying. It gave me chills to listen to his message of solidarity. Call me crazy, but there is something that is happening with his campaign that hasn't happened in along time. People who have never voted for, people who have become disillusioned, people who have never thought twice about politics, people from every walk of life are getting excited about Barack's message.

I don't think there is any stopping him. I know that is a risky statement on the eve of Super Tuesday, but I think he keeps on building momentum. If you feel differently about him, I challenge you to watch A Call to Renewal, his MLK Jr. day speech, or his Yes We Can Speech and then tell me that this guy doesn't have the fire to change the hill.

And finally... I feel a little like Daxflame gloating this way... But I scored 100% on my physiology test today. Yeah... some professional test takers don't even score that much in entire semester! :-) Anyway, to be honest it was some lucky guessing, but it felt good:-)

Happy Super Tuesday all!


Keith said...

Nice going on the Dax contact. That's an interesting response. Keep me posted.

Cindy said...

I wish I were good at guessing. Want to give me some tips before I take my stats test tomorrow?

arkangel said...

Uhm. A...C...B....B....C. Try that little motif.

Nate and Julie said...

So Gabe, besides the fact that Obama has a good speech writer, what do you like about him? Issues man! I want to hear about the issues!


arkangel said...

Well, I wouldn't discount his ability to unite a heterogeneous group of people to a cause (which is obviously linked to his prowess as a speaker and just as a likeability in general). So I like the fire that he has been able to instill in his supporters. I also feel he has run a lot cleaner of a campaign than Clinton, Romney, Huckabee, and McCain (McCain sadly got dragged down in his recent tussles with Romney).

But you want issues. I spend several hours the other day reading up on all of his issues. First I think he has got the right idea about the war. We should have never invaded Iraq but we can't change that. Now it is time to pack up and cut our losses, hopefully leaving as stable of a country as possible. I think it was a bad idea to try to force democracy on another group of people. That has to come from within.

He recognizes global warming and like Clinton wants to use this problem to stimulate the economy by making a similar program to the WPA FDR made. To my understanding it would be something like Americorps that people could enter to help solve our environmental problem. He also has made a more general emphasis to stimulate the economy by boosting the sector based on solving our climate problem.

He is for more transparency on the hill. He wants the government to be more accountable, more open with what they are doing and how they are spending their money, and making periodic podcasts to the public explaining what he is doing as president (more than the yearly state of the union address).

His idea on foreign policy is based on meeting with both our friends and enemies rather then the current administrations cold shoulder technique that is dangerously pushing us closer to more wars in the Mideast.

There are plenty of other things I like about him as well, including his plan to repeal Bush's taxcuts for the wealthy, making college more affordable with more tax credit for us, his healthcare plan that is based on rooting out the problem without over legislating the issue by requiring healthcare.

Overall though, for me it isn't just what he says, but how he says it as well. A politician can say all he want, but if inside I don't have any reason to believe he will follow through, it's worthless. I think Obama is sincere about bringing change.

Cindy said...

Gabe, I failed my test. A...C...B...B...C my foot.