Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Excerpts from my morning cross-campus traverse with bonus commentary

"If I'm not bear hunting I'll definitely be there." - Between two students.

Now, my first impression is that this is a lame excuse and perhaps a little over the top. Bear hunting??? I mean, I hope that bears had at least been previously mentioned in this conversation, otherwise this is a really lame excuse. The way I see it, chasing after a large animal that could easily kill me, just so I can shoot it and eat its sub-par greasy meat, is one of the last things I would want to do. In fact, I have so little desire to do the aforementioned activity that you could probably even ask me questions as absurd as "Do you want to come over tomorrow and clean my whole house?" before I would even consider using bear hunting as an excuse. I wonder what this guy was asking his friend to do?

"He took $1600 from his wallet." - Student A
"Why did he have $1600 in his wallet?" - Student B

First of all, that sucks. $1600 is a whole lot of Roosevelts. In fact, 16000 of them. But seriously, $1600 in your wallet? Come on... really? Maybe he was conducting some sort of integrity test. I've seen several such tests conducted, though never with such high stakes. Two years ago my friend TJ stayed at James' and my place and left his suitcase open with, I believe, two $50 bills resting in a see-through mesh pouch. We all knew we were being tested, and eventually it was too much for us. We took the money and put them behind another paper so we wouldn't be tempted the rest of the day.

I conducted a similar test two weeks ago when I lost my wallet. I got a $100 loan from my fam and each night I just stored all the change out in the open in my room. I was trying the worthiness of my two new roommates. Actually, I never really counted the money... so I don't really know if they passed...

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Keith said...

When girls ask me out, I usually tell them "Thanks, but I've been trying to get to the dentist lately. Maybe another time."

It works pretty well.