Thursday, February 28, 2008

BYU Underground

Okay, so maybe I'm a blogoholic and addicted to blogohol, but this post was way too good to pass up. And maybe the term BYU Underground is a misnomer because what I am about to describe does not exist under the ground... it doesn't even exist in the basement. It actually is on the ground level of the Benson building... so maybe that person should have just written "BYU Ground," but I guess that isn't as catchy.

Without further ado, my new favorite place on campus is under the display cases in the Benson. People write really funny things. Here is a selection:

"BYU Underground!!!"

"Tonsel Hockey" w/ a big awkward heart drawn around it.

"O chem will kill you!"

"It's true o chem kills"

"What it do baby boo?"

"And to think I never knew about this place!"

"Rachel B and Austin I forever!! 6 months and going strong"

"Don't take MFHD 210 with David Nelson! The class sucks!"

"Stephanie Anne Nielson is DAMN FINE! - 2005" (damn was penciled out, so I wiped the pencil away restoring the quote to its historical context. Actually, someone also had changed the M to an R as well)

"If my love life were chemistry I'd be nothing but a spectator ion - Kurt"

"We kissed under here! :-) Vanessa & Dave"

"I wish I kissed under here... :-("

"I wanna kiss under here too! tres romantique!"

"BYU Athletes are spoiled little idiots who get everything handed to them while we have to work our butts off just stay here (sic)" (This person appears to have to work their butt off just to make coherent sentences)

"Amen to that" (referencing above quote)

"Shawn lost his virginity here"

"To a man" (Appended to above quote)

"Hi Brigit. Happy birthday"

Anarchy symbol

"Um, dumb!" (in reference to above symbol)

"Talking leads to touching and touching leads to chicken (crossed out) sex (obviously not written by original author)" (I don't think chicken was written by original author either)

"Glue" (with an arrow pointing to a spot of dried glue)

"Can't stop the asian invasion"

Okay. There may be more... but my shoulder hurts from blogging under here.

Oh, and in an effort to verify the accuracy of these statements, I looked up Stephanie Nielson. She's married so I can't comment. And Shawn? Well I'm kinda glad Shawn doesn't have a last name.

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Keith said...

There's a bathroom at the University of Utah that has familiar phrases written in the grout above the urinals that replace words with "grout." Some that I remember:

"grout scott!"

"the eensie weensie spider climbed up the water grout"

Mine was "it's agrout time"

They have been there since before my mission, and you can tell that maintenance has scraped them off again and again, but people keep writing more.

The reading material really makes using that bathroom a more enjoyable experience.