Saturday, January 12, 2008


This will actually be a real post. None of this Lorem Ipsum crap one of my friends has been using to boost his blogging stats:-)

So, Badger set me up on a blind date last night. At first I was kinda apprehensive (she is a freshman), but it turned out really well. I had fun, even though we had to go to the ward party. I mean, not that the ward party was bad, it was great, but not necessarily a top first date/blind date activity. We had to go cause I was helping announce the pick-up line winners. Which contest, by the way, I think was subject to censorship. I mean, how can "I see my unborn children in your eyes" not make the top 23??? Unfathomable. Oh, but back to the date. I have decided that Badger has earned my trust. In fact, looking back on it, I don't know if there is anyone I would trust more when it comes to setting me up on dates than Badger. In fact, if I had to delegate my dating to anyone, it would be Badger. This is due to the fact that our dating preferences... well let me illustrate them in a venn-diagram (I wonder if venn-diagrams were invented by some guy named like... Arthur Venn. It'd be a pretty weak concept to have named after you):

Man. That diagram took like 15 minutes to make.. I know it doesn't look that hard, but that is The Gimp we are talking about, and as great as open source is... It isn't always the best documented or most intuitive:-) Anyway, yeah. It was fun.

I got my Armor-all coupon yesterday from Hal. He even signed the letter they sent. And by signed I mean he printed the letter with a digital representation of his signature pasted in at the bottom of the letter. It was nice of him anyway.

Speaking of consumerism, I got a sweet printer the other day. My original Epson only lasted for about a year (which is a shame because I had bought about 12 ink cartridges for 20 bucks, but when your ink head clogs, cheap ink is worthless). So if anyone needs Epson ink (I had it for a CX4800 model or something) I have some. I took apart the printer like 5 times and cleaned the ink head with alcohol, but it was a battle I never should have started. I lost. I cut my losses, chucked it into the dumpster and went without a printer for a while. Thomas said I could use his, but that doesn't really work when he is out of ink, as thoughtful as that act was. I wanted a laser printer though. I was done with this inkjet stuff.

So I was looking online and found a Brother printer for like $100 at Staples. Interestingly enough the next model up was $80 after a $20 instant savings coupon. Called Staples, but they don't carry that in the stores anymore, although they could order it in a day or two at that price. So here is my dilemma. This is like a $140-$150 printer for a great deal, except when I want to buy something, I usually want it right then. On thinking about it, Staples was probably trying to liquidate their supply of this printer, hence not carrying it in stores and having it so discounted. Anyway, I thought I would continue my luck with price matching (I had gotten 1gb laptop memory from Circuit City for $25 cause I screwed up and accidentally when there instead of Best Buy where it was on sale for $30. At Circuit City it was $80 and I got them to pricematch plus their normal 10% of the difference to get it for a steal). Anyway, I called around and finally talked to Nilo at Officemax, right across from Staples.

Nilo: Staples this is Nilo.

Me: Hi. I had a question, do you guys pricematch?

Nilo: Yes we do.

Me: Okay, here is the situation. Staples has this great deal on a printer. It is the Brother 2070N for $79.99 after a $20 instant off coupon. Now I know you don't pricematch rebates but would this count?

Nilo: Yeah it would.

Me: Here is the other thing. They also don't have it in stock. I mean, they could order it in a day at that price, but I would rather give you my business if you guys will pricematch their price and have it in stock.

Nilo: Uhm... Yeah, that should work. We have 8 in stock.

Me: And also... I mean, I know you guys usually want a printout of the deal, but the problem is, I can't print. That is why I am buying a printer. Is that going to be okay? Should I ask for you when I come in?

Nilo: Yeah, we usually require a printout of the deal, but that should be fine. Just ask for me if you have any problems.

Anyway, that is the general gist of the conversation. I like talking to random people on the phone. So I went right down and saw that they had the printer listed for $150, even though it was $140 online. Sure enough though, I picked up the printer, brought it to Nilo at the register and he pricematched it for me. Here was our counter banter:

Me: Hi, I had just talked to you about pricematching this.

Nilo: Okay, just a second. (He got some paper from the back to do something with. Then he scanned the printer) Did you get toner with this? You get 15% off the toner with this purchase so you might as well stock up.

Now.. at this point I didn't want to buy anything else. I was already getting $70 off of their printer and I didn't want to dilute my savings by paying for toner at only 15% off. Toner is like $60 too.

Me: No. I think I am okay. My last printer was an epson and I didn't even get to use all the ink I had for that. Didn't last long enough. That is why I am getting this printer. I looked online too and it said that goes for about 1500 pages before I have to refill.

Another associate: Yeah, that is for the regular cartridges. Starter cartridges come about 50% full.

Me: Oh, yeah, 1500 was for the starter. 2500 pages was for the regular cartridge.

Phew, I had evaded that plot.

Nilo: Okay, we have a a 1 year warranty plan for $20 and a 2 year for $30.

Me: No thanks (I am morally opposed to paying 30% more of a product's price for a warranty)

Just when I thought I had gotten out of that, Nilo, like a skilled wrestler, reversed my move.

Nilo: Yeah, but you just told me your epson failed on you. So $20 is a lot less than a new $100 printer.

He had a point. But I still didn't want it

Me: Yeah... I usually just risk it with these things though. I think in the end I come out on top

Nilo: (Disappointed) Ok. Did you get paper?

Me: No I have some at home.

Nilo: Okay. Well the total is...

So, that is it. I don't even know if OfficeMax made a profit off me. I almost felt bad for making them match Staple's price for a product Staple's doesn't even carry on hand. Oh well. The point of this all is... not that I should start writing screenplays, but that we often don't know our rights as a consumer, as a student, or as an employee. I would say most people never reach their full potential in life. We can get more out of life if we just equip ourselves with the correct tools. Now I am not talking about some sort of social darwinism where we take what we can get at the expense of others. I am talking about standing up for our rights, asking for the raise we deserve, asking our teacher to reconsider the A- he or she gave us, talking to your significant other about how they are treating you, getting a fair and competitive price on a printer, etc. Often times it just takes knowing how to interact with people, how to build them up, helping them see the benefits to them, and tactfully negotiating. I don't think I am a master at this in any way, but I do feel like I have learned a lot in this field since the mission, and I feel like it has only served to improve my life.

Well, that's it for today. Also... as much as I can trust Badger in setting me up with girls, I obviously can't trust him in in the Honesty and Integrity When it Comes to Online Polls Concerning Which Sense you would Rather Lose area. He voted three times and so the results of this poll are null and void... or you can just subtract 2 from hearing, unless Badger can convince me of any possible reason why his opinion is 3 times as important as mine.


Morebadger said...

Well Gabe, today your pole asked me to vote and I did...again. That's 4x as valuable as your opinion on the subject matter of this pole. As irrefutable proof I have provided a list of famous deaf people which outweigh people that can't smell and people that can't see.

list of famous deaf people:
Douglas Tilden: Deaf sculptor sometimes referred to as the "Michelangelo of the West."
Vinton Cerf: The "father of the internet"

I could list more, but these two beat any competition out there.

arkangel said...

Father of internet = Gore. He was not deaf.

Morebadger said...

Erastus Smith: Scout, Spy, Texas Hero. + the only deaf man known to have an entire county named after him. Beat that Gabe.

p.s. there is not a typo in the spelling of county.

Cindy said...

Eric has a good point...

arkangel said...

Hmmmm. One county named after deaf person. Thousands named after people that can hear. Face the facts Badge. Don't write anything bad or I will block you... like daxflame

Cindy said...

Gabe, I don't know that you're being particularly PC there... Deaf people have a very strong community. They might get a class action against you if you're not careful... :)

arkangel said...

I'll class action you