Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Today I become a legend of rock... maybe

You heard it correctly. Today I may become a legend of rock. Tonight I will be participating in BYU's guitar hero tournament.

I've been training moderately hard. Let's see, I had band practice about every other day at the start of this semester until Thomas moved out. Then the band and I (uhm... or just I... I mean, I am the band) took a bit of a hiatus. Last night though we got back together for a bit of a reunion tour and played some hits like "Same Old Song and Dance" and "Holiday in Cambodia."

You see, I've been practicing on expert so that the seeding round on medium will be cake. Then the tournament rounds on hard shouldn't be too bad either. The real wildcard is that they left themselves open to playing either GH2 or GH3. I only know GH3. When I played GH2 I was playing on medium. So, that will be the real variable in this contest for me.

As much as I have been pumping myself up and trash-talking others, deep down inside I know some 5 1/2 foot Asian kid will win. Not to be racist at all, but it is generally accepted that Asians are very driven, and that is one of the key ingredients to a GH3 rock star. We Caucasians are good at... well what are we good at? Imperialism I suppose. Yeah, that's about right. I think that is what we will go down in history for.

So yeah, if you want to be my groupie you can come to the Wilk terrace at 7PM tonight to watch me rock out. Veronika will also be playing.

Uhm, some other random thoughts. People think I am addicted to Facebook because I respond to their messages right away. Not only do they think I am addicted, it makes for some long Facebook conversations, because if you respond right away, they are likely to still be on. The thing is, I get my notifications on my phone so... it is kinda like texting to me. Another result of this is that wall posts and messages come pretty much the same way, meaning the line between them has blurred. I am sure I have said things that would be better suited in a message.

But then again, I have been thinking a fair amount about transparency lately. I think it is a good idea. The hugest mistakes and gaffes are usually mistakes that lacked the benefit of transparency. For instance, Bush firing those attorneys wasn't really out of the ordinary, Presidents switch those out all the time. The big mistake was when they tried to cover it up and act like it wasn't for political reasons. Then people perjured and the situation just kept getting stickier.

My brother also just came home early from his mission and I had been thinking a lot about what I would say to people if I was in that situation. I decided that the easiest route would just to be straight up and honest with them and say "I came home early for medical reasons. I was struggling with depression and had some complications with the medication I was on so I came home to get that straightened out."

I've also liked Obama's advocacy of transparency. In his platform he talks about having periodic webcasts to inform the public of what is going on in D.C. I think that is a good idea.

So in short, honesty is the best policy, it has always been the best policy, and it will continue to be so. Even in situations where it may seem more effective to alter the truth, the cost of making an exception and losing the consistency you have established in telling the truth, will never justify the benefit. Perhaps it is just me, but transparency has not only been the smartest way to live, but also the easiest. When the whole situation is considered (holding feelings in, developing grudges, the cost of gossip, the misunderstanding commonly developed by withholding truth) I always have found it easier to be straight up with someone about my thoughts and feelings. I sometimes have a hard time understanding others who struggle with that, just because it is second-nature to me. Maybe some of you faithful readers can enlighten me:-)


Nate and Julie said...

Gabe, you complete me....the quad stack will live on in my dreams and hopes forever.....

arkangel said...

Nate.... I hope it was you that posted that "You complete me" comment, because if it was Julie (I can't tell from the name) this may be a bad omen for your marriage. No wait... maybe it would mean worse things for your marriage if was you Nate. Crap, now I don't know what to hope for. I guess I hope it was a hacker that was using your account. I'd rather your security be compromised than your fidelity.

Nate and Julie said...

So this is Julie now. And I'm glad that I now know what "completes" my husband. If he ever complains of feeling like he is only a partial person I will know who to call.