Monday, January 7, 2008


There is a guitar at Best in Music that is a solid top, acoustic electric, Crafter guitar. It is a really good deal for only $220. But I don't like its sound. After my experience with my last guitar, I don't think I will settle for it. I think I just have to wait around for the right guitar.

Speaking of waiting around, did you know that with Google Reader (or any RSS reader) you can subscribe to specific searches on cragislist? I just subscribed to a search for "guitar" in Provo and it will update me whenever a new guitar is listed. It is actually really cool.

Oh, and apparently more people would like to be the last person on earth than a ghost. I don't understand that. At least as a ghost you could get some of your needs fulfilled by watching the interactions of others. That's the way I looked at it anyway. Thanks for voting:-)

I am excited for this semester. I wasn't this morning when I woke up for class. But I went to my Rhetoric and the Law (it is an honors class that fulfills the advanced writing credit), and it seems like it is going to be a great class. The teacher transferred here from UC Santa Barbara, he is really nice, the class is only 9 people, he is going to have individual conferences with us 3 times this semester, and the class doesn't seem impossible. That was my only class today, but it really got me excited for this semester. I am also excited for my Science and Civilization class (Philosophy class counting as a Civ 2 credit). It should be a good semester:-)


Morebadger said...

hey gabe, how's that science and civilization class working out for you?

arkangel said...

Good. I have only had one class, and then class is canceled today and tuesday:-)

Cindy said...

I would lose my hearing because then I could have my sister interpret for me :o)