Thursday, January 17, 2008


Eclexia - A state in which one's mind meanders from topic to topic. Ex. Gabe's post must have been written while in a state of exclexia.

Some random thoughts from today:

I went to the LRC today to get headphones so I could listen to music while I studied (read blogged) before my next class. While I was walking to the back of the room, I saw a sign that I thought read "Your life starts here" and then had an arrow that pointed down to the trashcan below the sign. In actuality the full sign read "If waiting for a computer your line starts here" and was really pointing to the ground. But I chuckled to myself at my misunderstanding. And then I got to pondering how poetic that misreading was, and whether that was something to be bad about. What if my life did start there... in that trashcan. Yeah, it's a trashcan, but at least I would always have a place to look back at and see how far I've gotten from that point. And so what if I hadn't lived up until Jan 17 2008, at least at that moment I would know that life had started and I could no longer worry about whether I was really living.

The other day I was in the Benson building. Actually the Nichols building which is the lab wing of the Benson, and I saw an interesting poster that got me thinking again about beauty and our perception of it. As I was waiting for the elevator, I read the following poster:

As I read the part that said "Let's work together to preserve this beautiful building," I looked around and was glad that we all have our own perception of beauty.

Another poster today made me laugh. It was a poster in the Widstoe about joining the Wildlife Society and used a big owl for the center graphic. Then in pencil written above the owl it said "Hagrid's owl." Following that remark was about 2 or 3 other pencil and pen written marks actually discussing what kind of owl it was and pointing out that it is actually similar to Ron Weasley's owl. You see... I think that small acts of harmless defacement such as what I witnessed today are in actuality public goods. I am grateful that the original commenter had enough of a sense of self-sacrifice to make a joke he knew he would never get credit for. Those are our heroes at BYU.

Johnathan Whiting and I met in the library today. He asked if I was following him and I told him I would follow him to the gates of Hell. That just got me thinking of McCain's quote from a debate that Jon Stewart subsequently made fun of on his show. When asked about Osama bin Laden, McCain went on a strong tirade against terrorism and concluded with, "...and I will personally follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of Hell!" I thought it was funny.

This morning I remembered feeling yesterday that I had gotten one of my great questions in life answered. Today I can't remember the answer, or even the question. I guess those are the things you want to write down.

My brother is coming home from his mission today for depression. He was on a medicine that he was doing quite well with, and then there were some side-effect complications. They switched him to another medicine and that had worse side-effects that resulted in him having to go to the hospital. So I got a call last night at 10:40 that I didn't answer because I was on a date, and then another one this morning at 7:40 that I did answer. It was the mission president's wife asking for my mom's number. So my mom called me later this morning and said Jonathan could be home as soon as today. I'm actually not sure what to think of this all.

I also decided today that perhaps one of the most relieving feelings in the world is pushing your chips all in and flipping the cards. Figuratively of course.


Cindy said...

Of course. Because you would not play poker.

Barney Lund said...

Gabe, I think you could probably classify this as an ultra-post. Also, I don't think that I've ever read a blog that I laughed about...out public...all in one really high burst.

Said eruption occurred when I got to the first iteration of the word, 'trash can.'

Barney Lund said...

This comment is specifically being written to get any follow-up comments sent to my gmail account. Thanks for reading.

J. L. A. said...

That was a great set of posts. You know, long before those posters about the floor, I was impressed by the shininess of the floors in the BNSN (this was Winter '03 I believe).