Friday, January 4, 2008

Congratulations Iowa

So, some random catch up. First of all, yay for Iowa. I was slightly disappointed Mitt Romney didn't get the Republican nomination. I don't really like Huckabee. The only thing that appeals to me about him is that he at least acknowledges global warming, but that is a bout it (sad). He doesn't seem to know what he is talking about. After Bhutto was assassinated he commented on the martial law in Pakistan, despite the fact that it had been lifted weeks earlier. This drew a lot of criticism. The other night he didn't realize he would be crossing the picket line to appear on Leno. Apparently he thought writers had been given permission to return to the late night shows. And then I would have to say his stunt with pulling his negative ad attacking Romney, only to display it to the press minutes later saying, "I knew if we didn't show it the press wouldn't believe we had it," was pretty lame.

Romney hasn't impressed me too much either though. He seems a little too schmoozy and willing to bend for everyone. The biggest blow to my opinion of him was when he said in a debate, "Some people say we should do away with Guantanamo. I say we should double it, we should double it." Didn't sit too well with me. That being said though, I think he has proven himself to be quite capable in Massachusetts and the Olympics. And I would hope that being a member of the church would count for something when it comes to morals. So, I was disappointed Huckabee beat him in Iowa.

While I am on the topic of Republicans, I might as well share my thoughts on McCain. Despite McCain's unending support of the war, I am quite impressed with him. I always have been, I guess. He seems sincere and uncompromising. He opposes torture, acknowledges that we need to address global warming, is for campaign finance reform, and has a compassionate stance on the problem with illegal immigrants. If I was republican, I would vote for him.

I am quite impressed with the democrats in Iowa though. I'd only heard of two polls that ever placed Obama ahead in Iowa, and yet he won by an 8 point margin over Edwards. It seems Hillary embodied the establishment for most democrats, and those that originally supported less well known candidates like Kucinich ended up casting their votes for Obama when those supporting unviable candidates (under 15% support) were allowed to change their support. Anyway, I really like Obama. He seems honest, capable, compassionate, and sharp. If you haven't watched his speech A Call to Renewal from 2006, check it out. Anyway, this win in Iowa will only help Obama and hurt Clinton. Now democrats will see he is a viable choice and won't be afraid to go against the establishment. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised with the Iowa results.

Now... On to other things. I got my grades the other day and I can't complain. Actually, I could, and I did. You see, I had one class that I was worried about since half of our grade depending on the final. I got an A- posted online a few days ago and was pretty bummed. So I thought I would put Dale Carnegie to the test. I wrote the teacher an email, first praising him for how well run the class was and how much I enjoyed it (I did). Then I said I was disappointed in how I did on the final and was curious how close I had made it to the cutoff between an A and an A-. I further showed what I thought my grade was going to turn out to be, according to the grades on blackboard and the grading procedure in the syllabus (I really think I should have gotten an A, but I don't think the grading procedure in the syllabus was followed) and asked if I was wrong in my calculations. I said I wanted to come in and see my final to know what I got wrong so I could learn from it in the future. I then closed saying "I am sorry for taking your time during this busy break but I always knew you were very approachable with questions and prompt in your replies. Thanks!" The grade was changed that night :-). What can I say? I get lucky sometimes:-)

Now, Cindy and I had an adventure the other day. I decided to pawn my guitar after all. Cindy came over and we first searched online for the best tips on how to pawn things off. We planned our strategy. I decided to ask for 75, hoping the pawn shops would settle at 50. The first pawn shop offered 60. The following two and a music store offered 40 - 50, I think. Then the last shop we went to offered 60, so I took it. It was quite the experience. The man asked for my license, then got my height and weight written down, then had me sign a paper, then had me put my fingerprint on the paper. I felt like I was selling my soul. It was quite worth the experience, however.

My final story happened yesterday. About a week ago I bought a dispenser of 25 cleaning wipes from ArmorAll for a pricey $5. They don't absorb that much, so I used 24 cleaning my car, and left the last one in the tube under my seat. While driving yesterday it rolled out from under my seat. I noticed the top was popped and the last towel was bone dry. I noticed, however, that the package stated the wipes were "Guaranteed to stay moist." "Guaranteed how?" I thought. So I flipped the tube over and dialed the questions and comments number (much like when I called wrigley to explain I didn't like their new flavor Mint Mojito. They sent me a coupon for a free pack). Hal picked up.

Hal: Hello, this is Hal.

Me: Hal or Al?

Hal: Hal

Me: Oh okay. How are you Hal?

Hal: Doing great.

Me: Good to hear. Here's the thing Hal, I bought a roll of your cleaning wipes about a week ago and used 24 to clean my car. The last wipe I left in the tube and stowed it under my seat. It rolled out today and I noticed the last wipe was dry. What should I do in this situation?

Hal: I am really sorry to hear that. Let's see, how long ago did you buy them?

Me: A week ago.

Hal: Hmmm.. Sorry about that. Tell you what, I am going to send you a coupon for a free replacement pack of wipes.

He then got the product information and my address. Incidentally we got disconnected while I gave my address. I called back and fortunately got Hal again... I don't know how many people ArmorAll has in their call center, so I dunno how much was fortune and how much was statistical odds. Lesson learned: I will always call if I am not satisfied with a product. You get free stuff, and it is kinda fun talking to those people. You validate the existence of their jobs.

So... I think that is it. Hope you enjoyed my eclectic ramblings.


Barney Lund said...

Now THAT was a good blog post. :)

Cindy said...

I'm glad you don't like Huckabee. We need to buy dvds for $4. And...I don't know. You wrote so much I can't decide what to comment on.