Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thoughts five from midnight

No stories, just thoughts. Although I do have several pictures I have been snapping on my phone that I need to upload soon and comment on.

- The more I live, the more I am convinced that love is illogical. Either by defying or superseding, not sure which, it escapes understanding by a logical mind. There are no formulas. Scary thought for a bioinformatics major.

- I don't even know if I think people who don't live in glass houses should be throwing stones. All around the throwing of stones sounds like a bad idea.

- I like tragedies. I don't know why. I think I enjoy the cathartic release that Aristotle talked about that accompanies them. I love the juxtaposition of what was a deserved punishment with what was the actual punishment the tragic hero receives. I knew this though. Further I have decided I like tragedies from a distance and not in my life. In fact I dislike anything resembling tragedies in my life.

- Good friends are hard to come by. They are worth keeping.

- Oedipus ran from what he thought was home and those he thought were his parents in an attempt to thwart a prophecy that he would kill his father and sleep with his mother. The result? He ran far away, crossed his real father, unbeknownst to him, on the way and killed him. Then he went to Thebes and unknowingly married his mother. On a smaller scale, I am afraid of hurting people and as a result often act in a way that ends up hurting someone. Moral? I don't know. Don't run to avoid problems, act proactively to counter them maybe?

- Sometimes people are so good at a talent that I start analyzing which scenario is more likely: A) That they are really that good at doing something that seems impossible to do, or B) That they are really robots posing as humans to make us feel untalented. Now, B sounds pretty improbable (owing to the scarcity of robots and not to a lack of desire on their part to make us feel inferior) but I can foresee a day when the number of robots in circulation is high enough to make this a lot more complicated of a scenario to figure out. I guess option C) That I am prideful could also be a solution. One time I was in my apartment and I thought to myself... 'Robots are going to get really popular. I should buy the domain and hold it till I can sell it for lots of money.' Apparently someone had that idea too because if you go there it is titled "Roborental: News about cars until we start renting robots." It then goes on to explain:
"Warning: On this website we have a hodge podge of information about cars and travel - to Explore. Once Robots become more popular and robot rentals become commonplace - this website will be taken down and a financial concern which makes robot loans will be put in its place. Until then - enjoy a variety of interesting topics on cars and travel - which are searched for a lot on the Internet, but there are not a lot of Internet Resources available..."
I had a mix of emotions when I saw this. I was both amazed that someone thought exactly like me. And then I was disappointed that although this person has poorer grammer than me, and doesn't make sense half of the time, they still beat me to the punch. Anyway, that was a side note. Robots... watch out for them is my best advice.

Well those are the thoughts on my mind around midnight.


Cindy said...

People who live,
people who live,
people who live in glass houses,
people living in glass houses should not throw,
should not throw,
people living in glass houses should not,
should not throw stones.

Sometimes life doesn't make sense.

arkangel said...

mmm... sometimes you don't make sense. :-) Is that really a poem? I thought it was just a saying. Sounds like a poem a stuttering robot would write.

Cindy said...

It's a song. We would use it in warm-ups in choir :)