Saturday, December 22, 2007 blogging

So... Just a couple updates. Today I realized I had a fear of playing guitar in front of people and decided I will do that more often until I overcome it.

Next, as you see I have added a poll to my blog. Yes, you may be familiar with my hypotheticals. Now you can enjoy my hypotheticals from the comfort of your own computer. I will update the hypothetical each week. I feel that by answering hypotheticals, we all will be more prepared for a variety of situations that, as unlikely as they may be, would be better handled if we had an answer already decided. You know, kinda like how they advice you to make the decision about your standards only once. This question is actually complements of Jameson.

Okay, and then my photos. I walk around each day and see funny/interesting things and often I am not with anyone who I can talk to about what I see. So instead I whip out my phone and take pictures with the intent to some day blog about them. Well I have finally run out of other things to do. Here are my photos.

I like this picture because I don't think I have ever seen someone smile while bleeding profusely from their head, or anywhere in fact.

Probably the most confusing poster I have ever seen. If you notice, that green circle says, "Sweet spirit." I don't get it...

Second most confusing poster I've seen on campus. I've decided I am very lost as to how the prefix "i" modifies a word.

Apparently it's the newest trick in marketing though. Maybe they are teaching this in marketing schools, "One sure way to get your sales up, folks? Add an "i" before everything. Everything..."

Hehe, okay so maybe all of my pictures are confusing posters. I like this one though because it was a poster in the wilk that was advertising the barbershop. Now, I would have to say that if you lined up 10 random guys and asked me to pick who just got their hair cut, this guy would be one of the last ones I would guess. I guess he could be on his way to the barbershop when this picture was taken.

Modern day Alice in Wonderland. This is in the Brimhall. This picture doesn't show it very well, but that door is really.. small. Like, this isn't just a long hallway, that is really a small door that comes up to my neck. I like most that it has a number on it.

Okay, final picture. This poster's sweet, cause even though it technically says "Opportunity: When one window closes, another opens," to my subconcious it seems to say "Determination: When one window closes, you make another one, even if it takes a sledgehammer and a whole lot of muscle."


Barney Lund said...

See, I was thinking more of, "...window closes, a little military-grade TNT ought to do the trick."

Cindy said...

I don't get it. The poll, I mean. That's all.

J. L. A. said...

I thought the one with the window was a natural rock formation. I don't know how waiting thousands of years for a natural rock archway to form is a good idea, so I guess it's good they have a man-made window. Also, iDunno what the prefix "i" means. iMean, iN some contexts iTS more obvious than iN others.

Morebadger said...

1. I've seen that door and it is tiny.
2. I agree with the last poster/comment
3. I think that possibly the idea that the girl made up consisted of pins that have a sarcastic/negative connotation for the "mormon" market...i.e. sweet spirit.(think about it) If that was her idea, then I am impressed and I hope that she got it patented:)