Monday, December 10, 2007

How to Win Friends and Influence People

I called Legacy Mazda today because after taking my car in for 3 times now, the belts they put on over the summer are still squeaking. As I was getting ready to call I prepared what I would say. I decided to ask for John, compliment him on the service I have received so far, express concern about my belts still squeaking, tell him I still wanted to keep my business at Legacy, and ask him if he had suggestions on how I could get a beat on this noise. I called John and said, "John this is Gabriel Proulx, I don't know if you remember my car..."

He immediately fired back, "Mazda Protoge. I also remember your dad coming in last week too."

I chuckled, "Oh, he must have talked your ear off too!" I then proceeded to explain my situation and ask what could be the problem. He told me to bring it in tomorrow and they would check it out.

I finished Carnegie's book Saturday. There isn't a single person alive who should not read that book. It is one of the most revolutionary and life-changing books I have read. The previous pleasant exchange could not have taken place had I not read the book. As simple as the principles are, they have profound effects on every day interactions. I feel like I have gone from being a good people-person to a great people-person.

Go buy the book and read it. If you value your relationships with others, you will read it.

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