Saturday, December 15, 2007

As of late

The last couple days have been interesting. I feel like I've had some good experiences or opportunities to overcome challenges in my life. In some instances I perhaps failed and got stressed or angry, but perhaps I've done better than I have in the past.

A couple days ago I got booted while I was dropping off some banana nut bread at a friend's place. Yesterday for the first time relationship uncertainties frustrated me. Today a friend was telling me how I should live my life (in particular how I should approach relationships) and it really bothered me and so I left their apt. They followed to apologize.

I dunno, it felt sort of like a step back the last couple days. But I guess in retrospect, I am doing better than I would have been doing in the same situation.

On another note. Do you think retroactively buying an ACS Study Guide for which you have previously broken copyright laws in regards to justifies your previous indiscretion? I just ordered the study guide online after talking to my mom and feeling guilty that I had a PDF copy of it, even though it is copyrighted. I guess I can use it to study for the DAT.

I also think I am going to Wyoming this break with my brother Ben to visit the mission. Should be fun.


Morebadger said...

I don't know about the retroactive things, but it does count towards it in my mind. I have 4 finals to finish before 5pm tuesday. That is stressful, but I am tempted to not think about it. I hope i can think straight the next two days. I hope that your break is wonderful and rejuvenating. Seeya around.

J. L. A. said...

I absolutely believe that the purchase justifies it. I did the same thing after ripping "Creep" by Radiohead from a Youtube video (elapsed time between illegal acquisition and legit purchase: about 1 hour).