Thursday, March 22, 2007

Great Migration

I had this morning planned out perfectly before I set my head down last night. I was going to wake up, bike down the the plasma center at 8, donate till 9:30, do my reading outline for Molecular Bio till 11, and then kick it at the SAC carnival till class at 12...

At least that is how things were meant to go. This morning, however, I got out of the house aroudn 8:15. It was a nice enough day so I thought I'd go ahead with the bike ride to BioMedics. Funny, my bike wasn't in the normal place I lock it. Did someone steal it? No, I vaguely recalled biking up to campus earlier in the week yet I can't recollect biking back. I had left it on campus. "That's alright," I figured, "Jon got fired yesterday so I can probably use the car." It was then that I noticed that the car wasn't to be found either. Then I remembered... in my rush to go sit for Bishop's interviews yesterday I had driven up to campus and parked in an A lot. I went straight to the testing center after sitting and took a test till close, completely forgetting that I had driven. I walked home.

With that, I started in an immediate run towards campus. I thought A lots started to be enforced at 8. If that was the case, perhaps I could make it. I didn't want my third green slip at BYU. Halfway there I saw an A lot sign that told me they were enforced at 7. Crap! As I thought more about it, I became more convinced that it was probably a violation to park there overnight as well.

Sure enough, as I ran into the parking lot, I saw a sign showing that the lots were restricted starting at 7 in the morning. There was also a sign that said "No parking: 1AM to 5AM."

The best part though? No ticket. Whameee!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Public Denunciation of Censorship

To all of you that don't read my blog. I'm sorry that I haven't updated it in a month and a half. Hopefully life will get less busy and I will be able to update it more you can feel productive in your not-reading it.

Anyway, to the Heart of the Matter. I capitalized that because it is coincidentally also the name of a very funny anti-mormon show on some public programming channel here. It is pretty funny. Hosted by some very born-again-looking Christian with a goatee and cool looking glasses. For some reason we always stay on that channel when my roommates come across it while flipping through the channels.

So. Censorship. Imagine my joy when the blog that I check very regularly, jlarchiblog, was updated after over a month of inactivity. Not only was it updated but the most recent blogging entry was quite cleverly written. It was classic James. K, got a handle on my joy? Now imagine my confusion when I check the blog again only after a day or two and find that entry now gone! I had even commented on it because it was so funny. It even referenced me, one of the three regular readers of James' blog. Recent entry and comments, all gone! Finally imagine my disappointment when I was told by an associate that the blog entry deletion was not an error of but rather was due to James bending to the will of his mother and her censorship. Now I have never met James' mother. I talked to her once and she sounded like a fine lady. But I have met censorship...and we are not on good terms.

James, you know better than to cower under the ominous black shadow of censorship! When you were oppressed before and there were naysayers, okay just your mother again, telling you that you shouldn't share your hilarious story about your unfortunate dinner trip with your grandparents, did you heed? No, you stood up for transparency. I formally petition you for the reinstatement of your most recent blog entry! Who are you,